Holiday Gift Ideas from Safari Ltd

When I was little, I remember being so enamored with the Land Before Time movie series.  Who in my generation didn’t love Littlefoot and Petrie? Until now, I still love to watch DVDs of these movies with my little Sean.  Even my son’s curiosity is piqued by these fascinating creatures. There’s just really something about […]

California Delicious Gourmet Gift Baskets: Showing Fine Taste in Gift Giving #holidaygiftguide

A basket filled with goodies can make a person feel special any day. This Christmas Season, a gift basket of treats, wine baskets and fruit baskets are great gift ideas for close friends and business associates. I usually have a few of these baskets in my holiday shopping list every year for our foodie friends […]

Classic Masculine Scent of Polo Cologne for Your Man #holidaygiftguide

One of the things that can make a man more attractive is a clean, fresh, and manly scent that comes from a great cologne or aftershave. TV ads or commercials that depict men wearing colognes, aftershaves, or deodorants turning women’s heads wherever they go may actually have some grain of truth in it. A lot […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Handheld Gaming and Learning Tool All In One

Mamas out there rejoice! The Count & Color Electronic Flash Card™ brought by is here to help your kid learn, follow instructions, and enjoy anywhere, anytime. Geared toward the ages 3-5, this handheld game was especially made for your child’s small hands and fingers. The child will listen to instructions given by the Flash […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Stock-It Pockets: Handy at Home, Handy during Travels

Don’t you ever wonder why we end up with clutter no matter how many closets we have at home?  Even closets themselves become cluttered and disorganized.  I must have gone through dozens of boxes, dividers, and organizers just to keep things in order – all to no avail. Closets still become a mess and stuff […]

Learn through Play with Safari Ltd.’s Toy Models

Sean is growing up real quick and I want to provide him with toys that will encourage him to do imaginative play. He has two toys that he really liked but I thought he should have a bit more of variety of toys to play with to encourage his imagination further. And when I read […]

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