Keeping the Playroom Safe

Your child’s playroom is the perfect venue to witness how your little one learn new things and have fun. Thus it is very important to keep the playroom safe and organized at all time. When your child begins to crawl it is the best time to think about creating a safe haven for your little […]

Time for Sleepovers

When children reach adolescent stage it is the time when they begin to socialize with friends. This is also a delicate stage that’s why guidance is very essential. Sleepovers and partying with friends become a normal weekend event. During sleepovers, expect the kids to be staying up late. They don’t seem to run out of […]

Creative Family Time

There are moms and even dads who prefer stay at home work rather than the conventional office hour’s job. This set-up allows parent to balance their time between work and rearing the children. Creativity is very important in stay at home parenting; to make family time extra special. Family night activities will give the chance […]

Kids and Hobbies

We parents always beam with unspoken pride whenever our kids exhibit some form of interest in a certain hobby. If you see your 10-year old son, for example, developing a fondness for horses, you won’t hesitate to buy him a nice set of equestrian clothing, just to show that you’ll be there to support his […]

Bonding Activities between Step-parent and Step-child

Thanks to the evil stepmom of Cinderella and Snow White; now step-parents has been enduring the stigma of being wicked and bad. But step-parents can remove that image by spending time to get to know their stepchildren.  Here are some step-parenting tips that may help build a good relationship with your stepchildren: Become a part […]

How to teach your kids to save

Don’t you feel that your ears are just about ready to pop, because you tween daughter keeps egging you to buy her an HTC desire for her upcoming birthday?  In today’s difficult times, everyone in the family has to understand the value of money.  We should try to make our kids realize that money doesn’t […]

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