Stay at Home Dad

Nowadays, stay at home parent is no longer limited to moms; there are stay at home dads too. Most kids will have the tendency to miss their moms and are not used to having dads inside the house. Having an at home parent means that the family would need to adjust on having a single […]

Foods for picky eaters

Picky eaters are now common to the family. Mostly of my friends have one or two of their children are picky eaters. In my family, I have two picky eaters and It really gives me headache when it comes to convincing them to take their meals. That is why I decided to search for ways […]

Acne treatment for teens

In the family, teenagers are commonly the ones experiencing or suffering in the development of various skin disorders like acne. As parents, we want our teenagers to look healthy and feel clean, thus an effective acne treatment that will work for teens are our best bet. However, it is important that the acne treatment you […]

Electric Blanket: For A Cozy Winter

I just love providing my family the most comfortable and cozy sleep as I can especially during the cols nights of winter. I am glad that the electric blanket was made. With this, I can keep my family feel warm all night long. However, since using this blanket involves the use of electricity, it is […]

Encouraging your kids in helping to do the house cleaning

House cleaning with the whole family is fun and can be a form of bonding among members. However, with kids who have toys, playmates, video and outdoor games in mind, how can we have them help the household chores? In order to get your kids invited in helping you cleaning the house, allow them to […]

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