No More Sleepless Nights with Back to Sleep Bear

Taking care of babies during their first six months is a test of endurance and patience for parents and caregivers, especially the first two months when you have to play guessing games whenever the baby cries and catching a good night sleep seems impossible. One cute and cuddly tool that can be used to help […]

Sean’s Personalized Reading Tools from FlattenMe

In this digital age, learning becomes fun and easy with all the games and applications around. However, I still want my little Sean to enjoy learning through traditional methods like reading books and doodling on his pad. I encourage him to read by having our regular reading time together and I make sure that his […]

Learn through Play with Safari Ltd.’s Toy Models

Sean is growing up real quick and I want to provide him with toys that will encourage him to do imaginative play. He has two toys that he really liked but I thought he should have a bit more of variety of toys to play with to encourage his imagination further. And when I read […]

Your Favorite Photos on Canvas Press Frames + Giveaway

I was given an opportunity to receive a canvas print so that I can share my experience with their service with you.

TSUKIHOSHI Footwear: Comfort and Protection for Toddlers’ Developing Feet

My son is now two years old and will most likely grow two-shoe-sizes bigger before the year ends.  I really have half the mind of buying shoes that are a few inches bigger so they can last longer or perhaps buy cheaper shoes since he’d be wearing them for only a few months.  But then, […]


Image courtesy of On an online debate forum where respondents were asked whether adults should be responsible for their elderly parents’ care, 53% said yes – just 6% higher than those who said no.  This very narrow margin underscores how almost equally divided people are on the issue of taking care of the elderly.  More […]

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