Guest post: 5 tips for dating when you’ve both got kids

Getting back into dating is challenging enough at the best of times. However, when you bring children into the equation it can start to resemble a minefield. The good news is that starting a new relationship when you’re already a parent doesn’t need to feel like such a struggle. Here are five easy tips on […]

A Pat on the Back Goes a Long Way

It’s not only you who need to be recognized for your efforts every once in a while.  Even your children need to be validated by praise and recognition.  In a lot of cases, your verbal acknowledgement of a job well done is better than any other material “prize” that you can give to your child.  […]

Holiday Projects for Mommies and Kiddos

Making holiday projects is a great way to have quality time with the family.  Putting up the Christmas tree is one big holiday project that the family can share.  Putting up trinkets and sharing stories from Christmases past is always a wonderful way to start the season.  I’m sure we all have fond memories of […]

Giving Thanks and Giving Back

The ghouls are gone and everyone’s gearing up for the next holiday – Thanksgiving.  Teach your kids a lesson in generosity by giving back as you give thanks for the blessings that you have been bestowed.  The history might have been lost on the younger generation but the essence of this holiday should not be […]

Giving Due Praise: How Much Praise is Enough

Parents should understand that there is a right way of giving that all important praise and recognition.  Give too little and you could have an insecure child.  On the contrary, you might have a self-absorbed and cocky child when you give too much.  Praise and recognition should be given for the right things and at […]

Keeping Traditions Alive

There are certain customs that we all grew up with.  Although some of them might not make sense at present time, we can still keep them alive through stories passed on to our children.  It would be a wonderful way to share something with your children.  At the same time, they will be more grounded in their roots, […]

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