Holiday Gift Guide: Handheld Gaming and Learning Tool All In One

Mamas out there rejoice! The Count & Color Electronic Flash Card™ brought by is here to help your kid learn, follow instructions, and enjoy anywhere, anytime. Geared toward the ages 3-5, this handheld game was especially made for your child’s small hands and fingers. The child will listen to instructions given by the Flash […]

Alternative kid’s birthday parties

    Now that the school year is fully underway, your child will become inundated with invitation after invitation to many different parties. While your little one will undoubtedly enjoy being a social butterfly, you can be left feeling a little unnerved about how to make their own birthday party as good as the rest. […]

Keep Tots Nice and Dry in the Rain with Thomas the train

As parents, we always want to make sure that our kids are amply protected whenever they go outdoors especially during the rainy season when they can easily catch colds or flu. I always make sure that Sean has his jacket or raincoat, rain boots and umbrella ready whenever we go out on rainy days, but […]

Food Deco Tools for Starting a Bento Lunch Habit

A lot of my mommy friends seem to have been bitten by the Bento craze with a lot of creatively made school meals being shared in social media. I couldn’t help but be enticed – and challenged at the same time – to try my hand in preparing fun and attractive Bento Meals for my […]

Travel Safety and Comfort for Toddlers with BubbleBum’s Booster Seat

Traveling to different places both local and abroad is one of our favorite leisure activities. Regardless of where we travel, Sean’s comfort and enjoyment is our priority. Keeping an eye out for travel buddies that can help us do the job is one way to ensure a stress free trip for the whole family. Aside […]

Grooming Good Readers with Bookboard on Board the iPad

Our generation is very lucky to have reading tools that can make learning how to read a fun activity for kids of all ages. Aside from the wide variety of books, there are also gadgets that can be used to groom good readers. Bookboard is one great app that helps make reading enjoyable for kids. […]

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