Potty Training Without the Fuss

Training the little ones to use the potty is one of the most challenging tasks of a parent. Aside from a lot of patience and kind words, having the right equipment can get the job done with less fuss and less stress.  Sean is still transitioning from the potty to the toilet and, I admit, […]

No More Sleepless Nights with Back to Sleep Bear

Taking care of babies during their first six months is a test of endurance and patience for parents and caregivers, especially the first two months when you have to play guessing games whenever the baby cries and catching a good night sleep seems impossible. One cute and cuddly tool that can be used to help […]

Green and Healthy Meals in Litter Free Lunch Bags

A lot of families today are now moving towards a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. The long term benefits of adopting such a way of life is reason enough to make a few changes in the products that we use. One of the product switches that I recently considered is the use of lunch boxes from […]

Bixbee Bags: Designed for Kids and Made for a Cause

Finding a school bag and lunch box that fit your child’s needs is often part of a parent’s back to school checklist. It may still be a year or so before Sean officially starts going to school but we are already training him to bring his own bag whenever we go out. Comfort, fit, safety, […]

Helping Your Little One Ride the Bike

I had the opportunity to receive a Plasma Bike for review so I can share my honest thoughts on it. You cannot imagine the feeling of a child who gets his own set of wheels for the first time.  You’ll get the idea when you see your wide-eyed tot eagerly inspecting his new ride.  I’m […]

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