Nap Time Made Stress-Free With My NapPakTM

During conversations with other moms, one of the child-rearing concerns that is often raised is the difficulty of getting children to go to sleep during bedtime and to take naps during the nap.  Most of my friends have preschool-aged kids who refuse to take daytime naps, become cranky during the afternoon, and have difficulty going […]

Indulging in Healthy, Tasty and Crunchy Munchies from Almondina

Women over 30 ( not that I am already 30 – well not atleast for a month) usually become more conscious of their diet because of their desire to remain fit and healthy even when their metabolic rate starts to slow down. As such, low fat and low calorie food items became staples and munching […]

Reuseit Reisenthel Market Basket: Saving the Earth One Bag At A Time

After the onslaught of typhoons that ravaged countrysides, the government is finally taking a more serious stance on proper waste management and this includes lessening the production and use of plastic products.  Among the tons of pollutants that cause massive flooding are plastic grocery bags that inadvertently get stuck in sewers and waterways.  To alleviate […]

Ceramic Knives for Keeps from Edge of Belgravia

One of the most basic items essential in any kitchen is a set of knives. Those who find joy in whipping up sumptuous meals for the family in their own kitchens know how important it is to have a good set of knives to prepare ingredients with. Use a dull knife slicing a tomato and […]

Zoey’s Attic Personalized Gifts Review

Do you remember the race-car themed lunch box and placemat I got for my little Sean?   Well, there’s a new addition to his personalized race-car themed items – a personalized race-car pillowcase from Zoey’s Attic!  Now we’ve got our future racer revving up even in his sleep. As expected, Sean is delighted with his new pillow […]

I See Me: Gifts That Make Children Feel Well-Loved and Special

If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, you’d be well aware of how much I love personalized products for my young son; more so, personalized books that include Sean in the story.  Naturally, I was thrilled to be given a chance to review a personalized book from I See Me. The Who […]

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