Frecklebox: A Name To Remember

Cute little children deserve only the cutest stuff and my little Sean is definitely one cutie who deserves to be showered with everything cute. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for sites that offer unique items. Well, what’s more unique than having your child’s name plastered on various items and written in books? Frecklebox […]

NotOnTheHighStreet.Com – Not Your Run of the Mill Store

Mass production of affordable consumer goods has left everyone looking like everybody else, clothed in the same apparel and adorned with the same accessories. In order to find something out of the ordinary, one has to find time to comb bazaars, village fairs and flea markets where unique, often handcrafted, items are usually sold.  However, […]

Polar Bear Cooler 24 Pack Review

My favorite time of the year is summer! It’s still several months away from summer but if you’re a mom like me, you should already be planning for it as early as now to ensure that the entire family will have fun in all your summer getaways. I’ve already started searching for resorts and hotels […]

Knock Knock! Who’s There?

Review by Liza I got an opportunity to get my kids these unique Plush toys from Clump-O-Lump and oh boy! They loved it. As soon as they saw the plush animals inside the box, they hurried and picked the one that they wanted. They both love what they got and started playing with it. My […]

Posy Lane Duffel Bag Review

Product Review: Revving Up With The Tagamoto Road Set

Ask men what their interested in and more than half, if not all, would most likely say cars.  Well, my little Sean is no different.  At his very young age of 2, he’s already shown great interest in cars.  What better way to indulge his fancy than by giving him hordes of toy cars and […]

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