Bingo and Charity- Timeless Partners that Help in Worthy Causes

The fun and exciting game of Bingo which gained popularity during the 18th century hasn’t lost its appeal to kids and adults of today. People play this game for different reasons, its early forms were used by the Italians for lottery, by the Germans for educating children, and the Americans for church fundraising activities. Now that […]

Enjoying Life and Making a Career Out of Blogging

I started my first weblog a few years ago out of curiosity. I wanted to know how it can work for me as an outlet for my thoughts, ideas and spurts of creativity. Little did I know that blogging which started out as an online personal journal will quickly become one of the influential areas […]

While Kids are Out: Things That Mommies Can Do

Life should not be all about chores and housekeeping.  Although it seems like you have a million and one things to do, you would be surprised at how doing something for yourself during small pockets of time can perk you back up and get you going for the rest of your mommy duties.  As kids […]

Top 5 Signs of Pregnancy

Women who dream of becoming mothers, especially if it’s for the first time sometimes have to be totally sure that they’re pregnant. This process might involve using a pregnancy test or two, paying a visit to the doctor or perhaps keeping an eye out for anything that seems unusual. However, there are a number of […]

Picking Perfect Presents for Moms on Mother’s Day

image from Flowers are considered as symbols of femininity even during the ancient times. It is just fitting to honor our mothers in their special day with these symbolic creations. There are some families who made it their tradition to give flowers to the matriarchs of the clan during mother’s day, including those who […]

De-cluttering Tips for Better Days

For most of us mortals, the task of organization is much of a challenge. There are times when there is just too much going on to get anything in order. You have to learn how to de-clutter your life in order to have better and less stressful days. The process of de-cluttering your life has […]

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