Me-Time For Busy Mommies

Things can get quite crazy in the world of mommies, what with the many hats that we wear and the assortment of tasks we have to accomplish all at the same time. Unfortunately, not even the Energizer bunny can keep us “going, going, going…” all the time. Mommies get natural highs and feel euphoric with […]

Full Bloom treats for Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day in full bloom with extra special flowers and goodies that are guaranteed to bring joy. Most women love receiving flowers particularly from their loved ones. In the case of mothers and grandmothers, flowers that come from their children and grandchildren are the most special ones. With only a few days left before […]

Mothers need Sleep Too

All parents will be aware of the havoc modern day life can cause on our mind and bodies. Working 9-5 is a thing of the past and sleep is now done where and when the opportunity arises. Family, children and work commitments can all have an effect on our mood, feelings and health. Looking after […]

The History of Engagement rings

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Take Care of Your Teak Furniture

The teak  furniture is much expensive compare to other furniture made of wood. It is definitely more expensive than those made of oak, rosewood or cedar.  Thus the Teak Indonesian furniture is more resistant to termites because of the natural oils and silica found in the teak wood. Although furniture made of teak are sturdy […]

How to Manage a Family Budget

If you want to control your finances, you should learn to manage your family budget. In fact, it does not matter how much money you actually have the bottom line is you should know how to make use of the money in your hands. It is important to have a family budget. In this manner, […]

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