Celebrate the True Meaning of Easter with Your Kids

Image source: aboutpixel.de / easter © Franziska Krause

In a month’s time, the animal of the hour will once again be the Easter bunny.  The spotlight will again be on this furry, long-eared mammal as kids of all ages eagerly hunt for those elusive Easter eggs, and Mom and Dad are only too excited to capture the festivities with their Slr canon cameras.  It’s too easy to be swayed by all the merrymaking of Easter Sunday, that’s it’s almost forgivable to forget the real meaning behind this day.  What can we parents do to help instill in our kids the true essence of Easter?

If you plan on decorating Easter eggs with the kids, you can shop around for some religious Easter stickers from a local Christian store.   As you stick these on the eggs, remind your little one about the fact that Easter means the resurrection of Christ.

At bedtime, read picture books on the Easter story to your kids.  Read it as you would any other picture book.  Encourage them to ask questions in the end, or to even retell in their own words the story of Easter.

Try to get in touch with a charitable institution before Easter day, and ask if you can drop by to quickly hand out some Easter treats.  You can visit a shelter for old people, for instance, and give them some cookies you baked yourself.

Show your kids that sharing can also be fun.  What better occasion for that than Easter Sunday?


  1. Sherry says

    Good thing you say of cameras I thinking to change mine but need save money

  2. Easter is such a special day because it’s the day Jesus rises from the dead. This is what I always tell my nephew.

  3. Sherry says

    @LOURDES thanks for sharing

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