Celebrate Your Child’s First Halloween

We parents just get all giddy when celebrating our little ones’ firsts: first step, first walk. For some, they may be trivial, but for us parents, they mark important milestones in our children’s lives. With all the celebrations kids are going to face throughout their lives, not to be outdone of course is Halloween. As you start to replace those composters in your garden with jack-o-lanterns, try to think of ways you could celebrate your child’s first Halloween.

Get a costume especially designed for infants. Or you can be creative and make your own out of baby pajamas. Make sure there are no choking hazards and that your infant will be comfortable in it.

Make the rounds to see family and friends on Halloween. Everybody would love to see your bundle of joy in his cute costume.

If you plan to just stay home, do dress up your little one in his costume, so trick-or-treating kids will see him as you give out candy.

Throw a Halloween party with other friends or family who have little ones as well. This will be an excellent chance for your infant to socialize with other kids.

Don’t forget to capture all those moments on camera. When your little one gets older, he will be sure to enjoy looking back on his first Halloween.

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