Celebrating Father’s Day as a Couple

In just a few weeks, we will once more give honor to the man of the house, the head of the family: the father.  Any self-effacing dad would normally duck at the first hint of a tribute to him, but we all know that these men in our lives deserve no less than to be treated like a king.

To make things different this year, try giving him something totally out of the realm of leather belts and silk ties.  Why not give your man a special treat?  Cook him his favorite dish, and set it on one of those cozy bistro tables for an intimate dinner for two.  Any adult celebration will never be complete without alcohol, so throw in a bottle of expensive wine.

Cap off the evening with a stroll around the block or indulge him in conversation as you sit on your front porch.

Just because Father’s Day has always meant spending it with the family, doesn’t mean you can’t afford to sneak in some quality alone time with the hubs.  At the end of the day, the moments you spend together will spell a whole lot of difference in your relationship as husband and wife.





  1. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl so I’m going to think of a really nice gift for my dad.

  2. Jenni E. says

    I’m glad there are others who think we should treat our men like Kings!

  3. thinking to buy gift to father

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