Celebrating the 4th of July

For stay at home moms, holiday celebration such as 4th of July is something to look forward to. The 4th  of July is the time for family fun and bonding; it is also a way to teach kids about the importance of the event most especially if the family lives in United States of America.

  • To make the kids proud of the American history, you can decorate the house with red, white and blue. It will help enhance the feeling of patriotism as you and your family celebrate the day of freedom.
  • You can also start playing trivia games about the 4th of July. Play the game while waiting for the burgers and hotdogs to be cooked. The kids will definitely enjoy it.
  • Watch the fireworks display as a family. The little ones may feel afraid with those sparks and firework display but having mom and dad around may change the entire experience.

Parenting is not all about raising successful kids, it is also about creating good family memories that the kids will treasure.

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