Celebrity Christians Raise Awareness of Religion

Celebrity Christians Raise Awareness of Religion

Hollywood sometimes seems like a place filled with debauchery. It’s the city that your parents warn you about and the city you read about online and in the newspaper. It sometimes seems like every time you turn on the television, you hear another story about an actor leaving his wife or an actress cheating on her husband. Some famous faces hope to change the way you think and feel about Hollywood. These famous celebrities aren’t afraid to talk about their religion or take time off to focus more on their families and less on their careers.

Angus T. Jones

As one of the stars of the NBC comedy “Two and a Half Men,” Angus T. Jones grew up in the Hollywood limelight. After finding religion as a teenager, he publicly spoke out about the show. Jones gave interviews and talked about how he had a hard time with some of the mature and adult themes on that show. He also publicly spoke out about his costar Charlie Sheen after Sheen left the show amidst some controversy. Jones also gave interviews to talk about his hope that he might one day become a preacher or a religious public figure like Ed Young Jr and others.

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron was one of the teen heartthrobs of the 1980s after starring on “Growing Pains” and in some films. While on the set of that series, he met his future wife Chelsea Noble. Noble was a Christian and encouraged Cameron to join her faith. After turning to religion, Cameron spoke out against his hit show and asked the writers to change his character. Though Cameron continues acting, he often stars in religious films. When not working with his family or on set, he works part-time as a pastor.

Jim Caviezel

The film “Frequency” did little at the box office but introduced the world to actor Jim Caviezel. Caviezel also later starred in “The Passion of the Christ,” which became one of the top grossing films of all time. As a Christian, Caviezel weighs his career moves carefully. Written into each contract is a stipulation that he will not film R-rated sexual scenes and that his films cannot show him doing anything beyond minor kissing of his female costars. Caviezel admitted in the past that his strong faith hurt his career but that he stands by all the decisions that he made.

Tyler Perry

Long known for his career as a playwright, Tyler Perry spent years working on stage before Hollywood took notice. Best-known for his character of Medea, Perry adapted several of his plays into hit films. Though some might not know it, Perry is also a Christian. While some of his films have some racy elements, he believes in directing and writing films that the whole family can watch together. Perry, who starred in a few hit films, believes in carefully selecting film roles that he wouldn’t be ashamed for his own mother or other family members to watch.

Hollywood tends to look down on religious films, and insiders often claim that those films don’t make much money at the box office. Perry, Caviezel, Cameron and Jones hope to change the way that their fans think and show those fans that faith is an important part of their lives.


  1. Susan Serra says

    Most of film maker makes their film to earn lots of money and totally commercially, so in this situation they are not interest to make film with religious subject.

  2. michele says

    money is what it is all about. how to make a quick buck. they wonder why the people these days dont understand ffaith etc and turn away there is not enough on the to fr people to think about and learn

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