Ceramic Knives for Keeps from Edge of Belgravia

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One of the most basic items essential in any kitchen is a set of knives. Those who find joy in whipping up sumptuous meals for the family in their own kitchens know how important it is to have a good set of knives to prepare ingredients with. Use a dull knife slicing a tomato and you’d end up squishing it instead. Use it to carve roast turkey and you’d end up with horribly frayed meat. This is why we must be careful in choosing the knives we use in our kitchen.
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Ceramic knives have fast-gained popularity among professional chefs and homemakers. These knives are known for their exceptional sharpness that lasts for years eliminating any need for sharpening. Edge of Belgravia, a London-based company that pioneers in exclusively designed chef knives, takes ceramic knives to another level by manufacturing exceptionally sharp knives that are designed for the modern chef. Their ceramic knives are known not only for their exceptional quality but also for their innovative designs.
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The Ceramic Onyx Slicer (£59.90) has a soft-touch onyx coloured rubber grip and a unique angular design that makes it not only functional but also decorative as well. Its 6”(15cm) ceramic blade is guaranteed to stay sharp for years with proper care and use. This knife is most useful when filleting larger fish and when slicing fine cuts of roasted meat. Part of a limited edition series, this knife is definitely a must-have for ultra-modern home chefs.
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Another knife worth spending for is the Ceramic Lime Paring Knife (£ 34.90). The 4” (10cm) ceramic blade is quite handy when peeling, mincing, coring, and cutting small food items. Don’t be fooled by its size, ‘cause this small knife boasts of intricate precision. Its avant-garde design with its lime green soft touch rubber handle gives any kitchen a boost in colour and style.

Most will be taken aback by the steep prices of ceramic knives. However, one must take note that these knives will last for many years without ever needing to be sharpened. They do need to be treated with care but their exceptional sharpness and durability makes it all worthwhile. Furthermore, with a first-rate set of knives, you’d have no need for those electric choppers and mincers that don’t do the job half as well.

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  1. peter chao says

    I have one that has lasted over ten years.

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