Change of Seasons, Change of Decor

Summer is definitely out and it’s time to take down the gauzy airy curtains and light upholstery. With the changing of the season comes the need to redecorate your home not only for aesthetic reasons but also for more practical reasons. Weatherproofing your interior can make an otherwise drab and dreary rainy season warmer and cozier. Three things you have to pay attention to when redecorating for the rainy season are: windows, walls, and floors.

After you have given your windows, walls, and floors the appropriate weather protection treatment they need, you can go on and think about your decorative elements. For your windows, don’t ditch your light curtains just yet. You can use materials that are translucent enough to as much natural light as possible to pass through. As for your floors, this is the time for you to give your carpets and rugs a rest – roll them up, give them a good cleaning, and store them for the next season. You can then shift your focal points to the walls and take the colors of summer through the rainy season. Opt for the warm and bright hues of reds, oranges, and yellows in your wall decor and art pieces.

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  1. Sherry says

    If I got money i like change decor of my home.

  2. hehe gambateh Sherry

  3. decoration need many money!!

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