Cheap and fun days out

Finding something fun to do outside of the home does not have to be expensive. As the tips located below will showcase, it is very possible to save money.

1. Check Price Comparison Sites

Price comparison websites are available for just about any subject a person could think of. Whether a person wishes to learn about Life insurance over 50s companies or the prices for local restaurant dishes, they will not come up short with results. Some sites may also offer reviews from customers that can warn others about whether a certain location or company is one to be avoided.

2. Go to the Library

This cheap option does not occur to many people, but the library is still something to place under consideration. A local library can offer many things to keep a family of any age or size busy. They can browse through the large book selection and find something to read at a table; they can sign in to use a computer and play games or check their email depending on the time allowed. In a number of cases a person may also be able to rent DVDs that they can take home for an evening or a few days.

3. Attend Local Events

Cheap and fun activities for the outside of a home can be easily found when a person checks their local newspaper. Communities, particularly large ones, frequently hold events for people that live in or around the area. Sometimes this may come in the form of a snow sculpture festival, a special display of local artist work, or a play held in an open area. Attendance costs for these events may be free or affordable, and a family on a budget can find something that works for them. It is important to be vigilant in checking for these events, however. A person could miss out if they are not careful.

4. Check out Flea Markets and Garage Sales

If an individual or family wishes to go out shopping, but they do not want to do so at a mall or other place with expensive items, they can look for garage sales. Garage sales and flea markets are events that allow people to get rid of excess items from their home. These items are usually priced very low, and just about anybody can find something to appeal to them without spending more than a dollar during their trip. Checking the local paper or online can alert a family about these events.

5. Arrange a Picnic at the Local Park

During the warmer months of the year it is not uncommon for people to hold picnics. Picnics allow a group of people to come together and enjoy a small meal while taking in the outdoors. Because local parks do not usually require a fee in order to use them, the only costs involve making food to eat and the car gas to get there. A family of any size can simply sit and talk to each other, or they can play games in the open space around them. This cheap option is one to consider when it comes to having fun and saving money at the same time.



  1. A picnic at the park sounds like fun to me! 🙂 I quite agree that a day out doesn’t have to be expensive. We just need to be creative and we can have fun anywhere we want to. 🙂

  2. I would go for flea markets and garage sales! Garage shopping is really a stress reliever for me.It offers a variety of high quality goods in low prices.

  3. Sherry says

    My mom living in nursing home too late for her to get the insurance

  4. You can also go to a museum.

  5. Sherry says

    @LOURDES museum here is very far away from my place

  6. Tanya Rubezhov says

    Great ideas!!! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Emily McMurphy says

    Libraries for the win!

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