Check Your Water Storage to Protect Your Family’s Health

One of the basic necessities of our daily life is water. It directly affects our well being as it is consumed by members of the family for simple hydration and in preparation of our meals. We also use it to cleanse our bodies, our surroundings and almost everything else that we use for day to day living. As such, we should also give our water storage systems as much attention as we do our food storage.

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Most homes have water tanks that hold their supply of water which is either supplied through pipes from local utilities or delivered by water tankers. Water service providers normally treat and disinfect the water that they deliver to consumers in order to protect their health. However, this effort will be futile if the residents themselves do not ensure that their water storage is also clean. Inspection and maintenance of tanks should be done at least once a year to keep your supply free from possible bacteria contamination. You can do this yourself or hire professionals to do it for you.

Cleaning and inspection of your water tank may be done along with your annual home inspection routine during the summer months. However, this should be a scheduled task that the whole family should be aware of since you need to cut-off the water supply while cleaning the tank. You will have to fully drain the tanks in order to clean it properly. Once it is fully drained, you can tackle it with a long handled stiff bristled broom, laundry detergent, bleach and pressure washer.

The standard life span of a water tank is 5 to 10 years, if your tank has outlived its warranty period and is exhibiting signs of corrosion or leak that has been plugged several times already then its time to replace it. Storing your water in a corroded tank can spell illness for your family so do head off to for a new tank.

If you want to avoid getting cloudy and smelly water coming from your tap and sediments in your water supply then clean and inspect your tanks regularly. An annual check up on the health of your water tank can help guarantee a safe and clean water supply for the household that is free from germs or bacteria that may cause diseases.


  1. Sherry says

    The other day we get the plumber to wash the water tank he no closed the roof properly when rain it leak. We need to ask him come fix it

  2. water is very important!

  3. Great advice. We have a water tank that we haven’t cleaned for some time.

  4. wao~faster clean it

  5. @LOURDES faster get someone to clean the water tank

  6. We hire a guy to clean the water tank so dirty all yellow water and black sand out of it

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