Cheers to Healthy Holidays

Just because it’s Christmas does not mean that you should take a break from your healthy habits.  With all the activities during the holidays, it is all the more important to stay healthy – you do not want to miss a party or two when your body succumbs to fatigue.  You want to stick to a healthy diet, regular exercise, and enough rest.

The sweets and treats of the season are not supposed to be devoured by one person.  You can certainly go for a nibble or two but not a whole platter-ful of cookies and cakes or half a leg of ham.  There are healthy food choices that you can pick – you can skip the gravy for the roast beef and load your plate with a couple of pieces of veggie sidings.  You can also go for the apple pie without the huge scoop of ice cream and globs of chocolate syrup.

Make time to go for a short jog or to do your mat exercises right in your living room.  If you can have time to party, I’m sure you can make time to get those muscles working.  Besides, exercising can get you in shape for those sexy party dresses.  Be sure to have enough snooze time too.  You do not want to have to pile on concealer just to hide the dark circles on your eyes.


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