To buy an iphone or not

To buy buy iphone or not? That’s the question that’s been bugging my little brother for a while now. He said most of his colleagues have it. But I asked him, why do you need it ? Is it a necessity for you? He cannot give me a real good answer. I think nowadays our society is influenced so much by what we see around and we tend to want things that are not really necessary for our daily living. I told him he should just save his money and use it for something more meaningful.


  1. It is a necessary thing for me to have a smartphone but unfortunately in nursing school I don’t have the extra money…so sad :<

  2. Betty Baez says

    that’s so very true they are things we crave because others have it but it truly isnt a necessity, I wouldnt waste my money on it

  3. For a lot of people it is about keeping up with the Jones’.

  4. Amy Rhoades says

    I don’t think that having an iphone is really so necessary for most people. For some it makes life easier, yes, but so many just get one because it is the latest or coolest thing. My Mom just got one and is already spending a lot of time on it. Gagets like that can be addictive. For now I’m perfectly happy without one.

  5. Shannon Gallagher says

    I think having an iPhone would be convenient but just like any other high tech device, its not a necessity! LOL

  6. It’s best to hold out if you can, depending on your carrier. But, if you find that the iPhone makes your day more efficient, go for it.

  7. Barbara Evans says

    Our children are so connecte to their phones, video games & internet – – it makes me wonder what they would do if they were suddenly all taken away. I remember reading & playing outside all summer long…my kids spends hours inside playing video games & take their phones everywhere. Do we really need to be in constant contact with our friends 24 hours a day?

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