Citronella candles: alternative pest control

We have all grown accustomed to using insecticides in getting rid of those nasty pests which seem to never tire of lodging in our homes. We spray here and there, and train our noses to bear the repugnant smell from these insect repellents. We are aware, though, of the harm it can do to our bodies.

If you have just recently become a believer in acne home remedies that work , then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to also be an advocate of alternative pest control methods for your home. One such alternative is using citronella candles. Here, the essential oil from the citronella plant is extracted and then added to wax candles. It is proven to be effective in keeping bugs at bay.


  1. citronella candles says

    Using citronella candles are best as it keeps pest away. It is made of citronella plants oil that is added to wax candles. Thanks for providing such useful information.

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