Classic Masculine Scent of Polo Cologne for Your Man #holidaygiftguide

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One of the things that can make a man more attractive is a clean, fresh, and manly scent that comes from a great cologne or aftershave. TV ads or commercials that depict men wearing colognes, aftershaves, or deodorants turning women’s heads wherever they go may actually have some grain of truth in it. A lot of women I know want to be in the company of men who smell nice. Young men of today tend to be more adventurous in wearing different colognes or trendy designer fragrances. Those who are more mature usually stick with the scents they love, like how my husband is with his Polo Cologne Aftershave.

An aftershave is a grooming essential for men that can be traced back to the Roman times. Traditional varieties would usually smell like menthol but modern versions offer various scents that are often derived from colognes. The Polo Cologne Aftershave offers a masculine scent with the combination of leather, tobacco, wood, basil and Oakmoss. My husband and I both love the light concentration or sporty, natural fragrance that lasts all day long. It also has sheer oils and antibacterial agents that protect and nourish the freshly shaven skin. Unlike the traditional aftershave formulas, it doesn’t leave a stinging sensation after you splash it on. It’s more of a soothing addition to a man’s shaving regimen. The classic Polo scent of this aftershave is already reason enough to love the product, the other skin benefits that it brings can be considered as added bonus. Considering all these, a $50 to $60 price range for a 4.oz bottle isn’t bad at all. One can even get it on a discount at selected sites or stores.

The Polo Cologne Aftershave is great gift idea for the holiday season. It’s a classic, chic, and useful present that men would splash on with pleasure.


  1. Polo Cologne has been one of my husband’s favorites – and one of mine. This would make a great gift for any man on my list.

  2. Jackie B. Campos says

    Ive always loved polo and have always gotten compliments from women when I wore it.Polo by R.L. is one of my all time favorites.Ive stopped wearing it for awhile because my wife says it smells like deep woods off and she doesnt like it.I think she doesnt like me getting the compliments from other women,I still love Polo and still wear it on occaision.I like to compare this frgrance to Opium for women in that it announces itself in a room and says Im here and I know who I am and what I want.This is a strong cologne and it takes a strong man to pull it off,if you arent man enough for this scent,youre always free to smell like your girlfriend and wear some unisex fragrance.

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