Come Together: Top Android Apps That Will Make Your Family Feel Closer

Come Together: Top Android Apps That Will Make Your Family Feel Closer


Families are separated for periods of time more often than in the past. Military deployment, college, business trips, and relocation are a few of the reasons families become separated. Staying connected through regular communication is important because it keeps the family security intact. Children need to know the sibling, parent, grandparent, or other family member misses and loves them. Technology has enabled new ways for people to stay connected every day.


Camera And Video


Your phone can be a communication and media center to create exciting videos for your loved one who is away. Sporting events, dance recitals, family reunions, and singing children are just a few of the fun and creative videos you can make to help the missing person feel at home. Powercam is a video app that allows you to make a full-length movie. You can apply special effects that result in your work looking like a Hollywood production. This app offers lots of special effects for photos too, and you can put them in before you snap the picture. Use the panorama option to shoot skylines and beautiful landscapes. Isolate colored objects against a black and white background. Try out all the possibilities with this amazing camera app, and discover the many exciting effects. You’ll discover it’s hard to make a mistake when you use Powercam for your photos and videos.


Live Chat


Bring your loved ones right into your phone with a live chat app. People almost always have their smartphones with them, and that makes video chatting convenient. Nothing is more personal and satisfying than chatting face-to-face with the people you care about. As not all built-in video software functions across multiple platforms, you probably need to get a multi-platform app for your phone. Skype is the oldest and best-known video chat program with almost 300 million users. It offers video and voice chat plus instant messaging. Google Hangouts is another popular live chat program you can use across all platforms.


Voice Recording


Imagine how happy your child will be when he or she can listen to their dad’s phone call again? With the call recorder app by Apalon Apps, your child can hear his voice again as he tells a favorite story, says goodnight, and expresses his love. Keeping in touch is easy when you can record your great conversations with the ones you love. If you have a family member deployed overseas, the time difference makes it difficult for everyone to be awake when the call comes in. With a call recorder app on your phone, everyone in the family will get to hear and enjoy the phone call. You can also record your child singing a song to his or her grandparents to replay to other family members later. There are many ways you will find to use this great app to keep your family connected.
Keeping family connected is so important, and using these apps makes it a lot easier. Download them to your phone, and stay connected.

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