Creating Minor Transformations For A Greener Home

Ever since we became conscious of our contribution to environment deterioration, we have been slowly transforming our home to an eco friendly one. We started with the physical aspects of choosing DIY materials that are environment friendly and that imbibe a green lifestyle.
First to go were the fluorescent and CFL light bulbs on all the rooms and cabinets in the house. They were replaced by LED lights that are both environment friendly and easy on the bills. We experienced a significant decline on our electricity bill a month after our switch. Then we went gaga over LED technology and gradually replaced our televisions and computer monitors with LED ones. They are a tad more expensive than the older brands but the added cost is worth the long term savings from your electric bill.
Aside from electricity, water is another environment concern that we addressed. The advent of Eco-showers helped us enjoy our showers without worrying about wasting water. There are several models of eco-showers that you can choose from, their features vary from recycling water, water flow regulation, and maximized use of power. Triton brand is known for stylish and modern bathroom fixtures in the market which is why we opted for Triton showers in our bathrooms.
Becoming waste conscious will enable you to make practical decisions in running your house and practical purchases as well. We don’t just buy stuff because of their aesthetic value, we now consider their durability, functionality and environmental impact.


  1. To be a environmental friendly, Like yours, My first step is to buy LED lights, LED TV and computer monitor, too. I also wants to try the device that will lessen your electric consumption.

  2. Great article, to most of us, using zero res carpet cleaning might be one closer approach to a greener home. Greener home means healthier you. This impacts a lot for your kids too since they will be living for many more decades ahead.

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