Creating More Privacy in Your Garden

Creating More Privacy in Your Garden

We all love spending time in our gardens. They are the one place where you can be outside, but still be away from other people. For most of us, our gardens are somewhere to truly decompress.

If you are lucky you will not be overlooked by your neighbors or be located too close to a footpath or other public space. For you, your garden is a truly private space. But, not everyone is so lucky. Many people´s gardens are anything but private.

Fortunately, with the help of some privacy trees from The Tree Center, you can soon sort that issue out. Here are four different approaches you could take to solve that problem.

Create a high living hedge

Perhaps the easiest option is to use trees or shrubs to create a living fence. There are many varieties that are suitable. This style of hedge looks beautiful and can be very good for the environment. Just take the time to choose a variety that does not require too much maintenance. Also, make sure that it can withstand the conditions in your garden and flourish. Some varieties of shrub grow by up to 5ft per year, so it does not take long to create an effective hedge using them. Just be careful not to let it grow so high that it creates too much shade or blocks off the light to your home and your neighbors’.

Section off a small area of your garden

Another option is to use these same plants to divide off a part of your garden, so you have a small private space available away from prying eyes. With this approach, you do not need to worry as much about the effect the shrubs and trees you plant have on your neighbors.

Plant a shade tree

If you have enough space, planting a shade tree can be a really good option. They look stunning and can bring joy to generations of your family. There really is nothing quite like sitting under a tree on a warm day inhaling the lovely clean air they produce. Again, before planting one take the time to make sure it is suitable. It needs to be able to thrive and must not grow so tall that it puts too much of your home in the shade, unless, of course, you actually want that. You should also find out how far the roots will stretch. This is the best way to avoid the issue of the roots invading your drains or foundations, once grown you can sit under it without being overlooked.

Create a living outdoor room

Our last suggestion is a slightly unusual one that requires a bit of planning and patience. But, it is something that a lot of people are now doing. Using young trees or climbing plants and trellis work you can easily create a space that is surrounded by greenery. The roof is created by pulling the trees together into a dome, or by running climbing plants over the top of trelliswork that is used as a roof.

If you would like to find out more about creating an outdoor room using trees, you can find out more about doing exactly that by reading this article. It explains in detail how to create a willow dome shelter in an ordinary garden.


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