Creating the Perfect Playground for Any Age Group

Creating the Perfect Playground for Any Age Group

Building a new playground requires planning, design and the right equipment. Whether you are planning a playground for toddlers or a fully equipped playscape for older children, having the right plans in place is key to pulling off a successful project.

Playgrounds for Toddlers

Playground design for young children is centered around large motor skills. Young children like to run, jump and climb and need structures that will assist them with this. Tires, sliding boards, stone structures and tunnels are perfect for young children. Sand and water tables are always a big hit, and the little ones will love to make new creations by mixing sand and water and building their own sandcastles. Toddlers and young children can get injured easily, so it is important to provide them with a soft surface that will cushion any falls.

Creating the Perfect Playground for Any Age Group

Playground Design for School Age Children

School age children are more active than their younger peers, but still need structures for climbing, jumping and exercise. Monkey bars, tires and slides are all great additions to your school age playground. Like smaller children, they also need soft mats to cushion falls. When you are planning to build a new playground, keep this in mind to ensure the safety of all of your children.

Fitness Playground Design

If fitness is the main purpose of your playground, there are several options that you can employ to create a play surface that is ideal for physical fitness. First, include bars that can be used for upper body fitness like pull up bars and hand grips. Incline benches allow for easy sit-ups and leg workouts. Sports equipment like nets, poles and artificial turf will make an excellent addition to your fitness playground.

Creating the Perfect Playground for Any Age Group1

Designing Your Playground

Working with a landscape architect is the best way to design a playground that will meet the needs of all of your participants. Your final design will depend on a number of factors, from the amount of available space to the number of children you will need to accomodate. The designs for indoor playgrounds will vary from that of outdoor playgrounds, and your design architect will help you to determine your needs.

Whether you are creating a play area for toddlers or a gym space for adult exercisers, it is important to have the right structures in place to meet their needs. Find the right design elements and create your perfect playground today.


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