Cubby Bench Product Review

Pre-school aged kids can learn a lot through play. Reading books, watching Barney, and playing with toys can help them acquire new skills or broaden their knowledge. However, parents should also help their kids learn practical skills like self-care basics and organizing their belongings. Child friendly footlockers and storage boxes are some of the popular tools that parents use for pack away time with the kids. One space saving footlocker that I have tried is the Kids Footlocker Cubby Bench from


Those who have limited space in their homes can appreciate that this kids’ storage also doubles as a bench where kids can sit comfortably during break time or time out sessions. This playroom buddy measures 48”W 16”H and 15”deep, just the right size for pre-school kids.  There are five cubby holes available where kids can place their books, toys, CDs, or even shoes. Those who run a small pre-school or day care may find this furnishing useful in their reception where kids can deposit their footwear before going inside. Parents may designate items to be placed in each cubby hole. This makes it easier for the child to pack away and also help him find his things without much difficulty.  I placed the Kids Footlocker Cubby Bench inside Sean’s room and used it as storage for his books and DVDs. My little boy had no trouble finding and returning his books.

Kids can also sit on the footlocker bench while reading a book. My estimate is that it can sit four pre-school kids side by side without them crowding each other. It comes with a cushion top which is available in blue or tan color. The cushion top is made from vinyl material so you don’t have to worry about spills or “accidents”. Not to mention easy to clean too.  Another thing I liked about it is its rounded edges. I checked the front, back, and even the base and they are all free of sharp edges. Now I don’t have to worry about Sean getting seriously hurt in case he bumps into the footlocker.

The Kids Footlocker Cubby Bench is a great buddy for teaching Sean how to keep his room organized. This bench and storage combo is safe, child friendly, and durable. You get to save on space while saving the room from clutter.

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