Cut Down Your Kids’ TV Viewing Time

Whether we admit it or not, it is so easy to get addicted to watching TV.  They keep us entertained for hours on end, and transport us to a world somewhat different from the reality we find ourselves trapped in. Those flat screen TV mounts support what is known to some as their only best friend: the television.

As parents, it is but normal for us to be concerned about our children’s TV viewing habits.  When they start skipping meals or bathroom breaks just to catch their favorite show, then we know there is a problem.    This red flag means your kid is turning into a much-dreaded couch potato.  What can you do to help curb this bad habit?

Reintroduce your kids to other activities.  Remind them of how fun it used to be to play Frisbee out in the backyard.  Start going on trips to the park with them.  If they are showing signs of inclination to music or the arts, support that by enrolling them in classes.

Watch TV with them.  If you watch television with your kids, you are better able to monitor how much time they spend in front of the boob tube.

The TV isn’t called an idiot box for nothing.  It does dull one’s brain, and accounts for the increasing number of obesity cases.  Make your child idiot-proof, and cut down his TV viewing time.


  1. Sherry says

    Good thing we cancelled the cable TV if not my son keeps watching it

  2. It’s better to teach our kids to love reading.

  3. Sherry says

    @LOURDES it’s easy say then do my son no interest in reading

  4. haha,watching can,for educatinal

  5. I cancelled the cartoon network so he cannot watch

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