Daily Cup of Karma Kisses for Youthful Beauty and Healthy Body

Food supplements and skin care products are popular options for people who want to look good and take care of their health at the same time. But there are also beverages that provide similar benefits in a more enjoyable way. Karma Kisses Tea House offers such an alternative with their fine organic rice tea variants that has both beauty and health benefits. These are great products for those who would like to get their good looks and care for their health the natural way.

Karma Kisses makes use of pure organic or all natural ingredients in their tea variants. This got me interested in their products because we have been adopting eco-friendly practices for quite some time now. They have three variants available in their menu with extracts from whole grain brown rice and sugar-free sweet leaf as the common ingredients among the three.

First on the list is the Yummy Young Rice Tea which has extracts from apple, red wine grapes, aronia berry, red seaweed, bilberry, wild blueberry, and sour cherry. It is loaded with antioxidants that protects and repairs cells from free radicals and keeps you looking and feeling younger than your age. I like the mix of fruity flavors combined with the taste of sweet rice and herbs, and I find it to be a refreshing drink for both early morning and midday breaks.

Next on the menu is the Silky Skin Rice Tea which helps nourish the skin, hair and nails. It has a citrus and sweet rice flavor blended from Sea Buckthorn Berry fruit oils, acerola cherry, and black currant. I enjoy this tea better when served cold or made into a smoothie.

Last is the Sweet Peace Rice Tea, a creamy, fruity sweet rice tasting blend made from Irish Red Seaweed, Wild Sour Jujube Date, and Mulberry extracts. It helps calm your nerves and reduce stress. I find it to be a perfect night regimen to get me prepped for a restful sleep.

I liked all three variants for their taste and health benefits. I also did not mind drinking tea the whole day because there are lots of ways to enjoy it. The Karma Kisses Rice Tea can be served hot with or without milk added, or whipped up into cold drinks like iced tea, shakes, and smoothies. There is no need for the fountain of youth when you can sip fine organic rice tea from Karma Kisses to look young, healthy, and beautiful.

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