Delicious Dishes from a Pot: A Busy Mom’s Handy Appliance

The kitchen is my realm. But, just as all busy moms would agree, toiling for hours preparing dishes is not always possible. I’m a fan of 30-minute meals and 5-ingredient dishes. There are times, though, when I just want to have that slow cooked goodness that take hours to achieve. It’s a good thing that I found the Nesco 6-liter Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker. Since it runs on electric power, I do not even have to worry about temperature changes or burner flames. I just chop, drop, and go. In a few hours, I have a perfectly cooked dish that I can take straight from the pot to the dinner table.



This pressure cooker serves as both a slow cooker and a steamer. It can slow cook food for about 9 and a half hours. There’s also a digital timer that can be programmed to start or stop cooking. It can also be used to warm or reheat food. The package comes complete with a removable 6-liter non-stick chamber, a steam rack, and an instruction manual with a recipe book – I actually got a few more meal ideas from this little booklet. This electric pressure cooker can yield delicious casseroles, stews, soups that come out perfect every time.


It’s easy enough to use this pressure cooker, with everything controlled merely by pressing buttons. The stainless steel body also looks handsome on the kitchen counter. I’ve heard about people being scared about being scalded or burned with stovetop pressure cookers. Although this electric pressure cooker essentially works the same way, there is a safety steam release feature that helps prevent these injuries. This feature reduces the pressure in the chamber before it releases the cover. The cover also locks securely into place without any risks of any hot steam escaping.

I find it really convenient to use this product. And since everything is done in one pot, cleaning up is a cinch too. Because of the non-stick coating of the inner chamber and the controlled temperature, I do not have to worry about having to scrub off stubborn burnt food stuck to the bottom of the pan. I’d say all busy moms should have this handy cooking appliance in their kitchen.

What about you, do you have a good pressure cooker? What kind of dishes do you love to make on it?


Nesco has been very generous to offer one of my readers to win one, click here to go to the giveaway!

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  1. Jenna Wood says

    What’s not to love about a Nesco Pressure Cooker? I have a Nesco Rice Cooker and use it multiple times a week. I’ve had mine for years though, and I bet this pressure cooker could do rice, and so much more!

  2. I really want to try out a pressure cooker, but so far I have only canned water bath style. Maybe one day I will get the nerve. 😉

  3. This looks like such a wonderful product and I honestly think I buy a few for Christmas presents for some people I know who love to cook. This seems to have some great features and seems so much safer.

  4. This sounds like a great item for those of us who work full time but like to have a meal ready at a reasonable time. I like that it has a timer to start/stop it (sometimes my crock pot’s 8 hours on low is too long, but I have no way to turn it off when I’m not home) and a removable basin for easy clean up. I’ve never thought about buying a pressure cooker, but now you have me thinking about it!

  5. I keep forgetting to put my slow cooker to use and I should considering how busy I am all the time. Mealtimes lately have been so rushed because I don’t stop to cook till its time to eat and it has to be something fast to quiet all the hungry tummies.

  6. I feel that pressure cooker food preparation is such a lost skill. So glad to see the focus is shifting back to this method.

  7. OH I am in love with this pressure cooker! We are actually in the process of hunting for a good pressure cooker, so this is perfect timing. It is going on our list for comparison!! 🙂

  8. I’ve never tried using a pressure cooker. Now that school has started again, I definitely need some time-friendly meals. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I need to try a pressure cooker! This would be a lifesaver!

  10. i always wanted 1 for my family.i hope i can win 1 thanks like and would save me a lot of time………

  11. shawna durk says

    Thank you for the great review. I have never wanted a pressure cooker until now :0).

  12. Keith Knudsen says

    My parents have one and tell me how great it is for cooking. I was thinking about purchasing one, but after your review I’ll try to win one instead.

  13. Marilyn B. says

    The best fresh green beans I have ever had were made in a pressure cooker, the possibilities are endless.

  14. What is not to love…I love using a slow cooker for days when you don’t have time to cook. When living at home we used a pressure cooker for so many things….would love to have one…thank you for the offer.

  15. I have an electric pressure cooker. I enjoy fixing meals in a short time frame. However, mine does not have the slow cooker feature. This would in my opinion make this the top cooker in my book. I would really put this Nesco Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker to good use.

  16. joann tompkins winborn says

    I have never used a pressure cooker! your description makes it seem easy enough. love the sound of “easy to clean” features thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  17. This is the first pressure cooker that I have heard of having a steamer and it does look very nice silver and black digital too. Thank you, Jerri Davis

  18. I have always wanted a pressure cooker!!! Keeping my fingers crossed… The Nesco sounds like a great product

  19. Susan Broughton says

    Wow this is a really nice pressure cooker. I love that you can also steam and use it as a slow cooker with a timer on it.

  20. I have had one in the past and they are the best thing that was made

  21. Courtney T says

    i love the review! i’m not too familiar with a pressure cooker as i never grew up with one in use. but recently i was working on a cookbook at work that has recipes for slow cooker and pressure cooker. and i would really love to try the pressure cooker recipes!

  22. I would love to rty a pressure cooker, they used to be so scary!

  23. Stephanie F. says

    I’ve never used a pressure cooker and I didn’t know it can also be used as a steamer. I think of a pressure cooker as something to cook chicken in!


    they have come so far with technology! love it!!!

  25. Georgiann says

    Would love to win this Nesco Pressure cooker! I have never used one . I would love to try. Thanks !!

  26. I actually have the old-style pressure cooker (read as use on stove top on a burner). I used to use it a lot — pork chops, chicken, pinto beans, and lots of other things as well. In the last couple of moves we’ve made tho, the parts of the cookers (& I hove both 4 qt & 6 qt) – body, lid, pressure ‘jiggler’ – have become separated, so I haven’t found all 3 to both.
    I also have a slow cooker and have used it quite a bit.
    However, I think I would love to have and use this electric pressure cooker. I know we could come up with some good (and timely) meals.

  27. Karen Rennirt says

    I have a pressure cooker and love it, but I would love to have an electric one. My girls would even use this one, they won’t touch the one that goes on the stove.

  28. Wow, I am pretty intrigued by this pressure cooker. I want to try a ‘fried’ Chicken recipe. This restaurant has what looks like fried chicken but she told me it was made in a pressure cooker. I forgot what she called it but oh man, the best. From reading your review, This thing does more than I thought. I really want one now. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.

  29. I would love to have wings from the pressure cooker.

  30. Traci McCormick says

    I never realized how much you can use a pressure cooker for.

  31. Kyaw Sein says

    Having a pressure cooker at home can save you a lot of time in cooking, you can use it to fry, steam, boil, and many other purposes. Once you ever use it you would always like to have one at home.

  32. Patti Wilder says

    I would love to have an electric cooker ..I had one that went on the stove but was a little scary to use..Very nice review..good info..

  33. I would love a pressure cooker. It would make dinner s easy!

  34. I have never used a pressure cooker my entire life but my mom is great at it. Would love to win this and cook some delicious rice soup

  35. Zanna Dobbs says

    having lived most of my life above 5,000 ft. in elevation, a pressure cooker is a must. It is the only way some things get done up here.

  36. I like that it has a digital timer I always burn everything because I forget about the time

  37. I have never used a pressure cooker but would love to try out the different functions

  38. Jennifer says

    My mom used to cook with pressure cooker all the time! I’ve been wanting one so I can cook for my little family!

  39. I love the fact you can make easy recipes with this I am a very busy mom and need simple and fast yet good taste

  40. We used to have a pressure cooker years ago that my mom used all the time.
    But some of the parts started to deteriorate so we stopped using it. I would love to have one again. Meats are so tender. Cooking is faster too. thanks for the review

  41. tiffany treaster says

    I have never used a pressure cooker, but have watched infomercials on them. I def. think they are worth the investment, but something has always come first. If I had one I’d use it a lot. I don’t know what I’d do without my slow cooker, but this sounds even better!!!


  43. I love how you can put your dinner in and have a complete cooked meal without the hours of slaving in the kitchen. I would definitely use this Cooker a lot for stress free meals after work. LOVE IT!

  44. peggy fedison says

    Ive never used a pressure cooker but would love to 🙂 it would make my life so much simpler 🙂

  45. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    I don’t have one yet. I have been wanting one. It seems like it would take a lot of the hassle out of cooking. My mom had a stove top one she used when we were growing up. About the only thing she would cook in it was round steak. You know how tuff a cut of meat round steak is. Well the way she cooked it made it so tender it fell apart.

  46. This sounds like the perfect pressure cooker.

  47. Margot C says

    I love pressure cookers and am not the least bit afraid of them. It is the very best way to make beans. An electric one would be wonderful.

  48. I love pressure cookers and this one looks really nice. I’ve always wanted one of these but don’t have the money for it. I would love to make a stew with this I couldn’t tell you when the last time I had stew other than when my mom has us over for dinner. Thanks for such a great giveaway good luck to all god bless


  49. Cindy S. says

    This looks so convenient. Would love to have this handy item in MY kitchen!

  50. carolina ramos says


  51. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I love this! My grandmother used to cook nearly whole meals in her old-school pressure cooker. Even cuts of meat that might have been a bit tough were melt-in-your-mouth tender.

  52. Amy Orvin says

    I’d love to make a roast in this cooker. I love that it serves as both a slow cooker and a steamer. That’s so convienant for busy lives.

  53. Rebecca Xavier says

    I love easy cooking and that this is a steamer as well.

  54. Dorothy Teel says

    This is a very versatile piece of kitchen equipment, from a pressure cooker to a crock pot to a steamer would save a lot of kitchen space. I like that you stressed what can be done with this from cooker from Nesco and I think that it is one that would get a workout at my house,I would love to make beef stew in the crock pot almost that time of the year for stews..Lol

  55. Cheryl Fisher says

    I was always worried about the risks of a pressured cooker. I am worried they will explode or I will incorrectly use it and it blows!!. Thanks for the review and advice.

  56. It is so great to have a multi-purpose appliance. Pressure cooking, slow cooking and steaming all in one machine! It sure sounds like a versatile addition to a busy person’s kitchen!

  57. My mom recently got a similar pressure cooker and uses it constantly for everything from soups to roasts to chicken casseroles. With a 2 year old and a house to keep going the fact this could be the only device I use and have to clean would be a godsend.

  58. Angela Tyler says

    I have a traditional pressure cooker and I am scared of it, my husband is in charge of it. I can remember one blowing up on my grandma when I was little, took days to get all of the potatoes off of the ceiling. I have heard on ones you can fry in, I wonder if this is one of these types.

  59. Michelle Proper says

    I’ve been wanting one for so long now. This one looks and sounds like a great one! Thanks so much!

  60. I love that you are giving away this pressure cooker, this is an item that can really help a busy cook a way to get less expensive meats tender quickly. I would also use it to can vegetables and fruits to extend my gardens bounty.

  61. Jamie Suarez says

    I have always wanted one but have never even used one! I love how it comes with a booklet that gives recipe tips.

  62. Sandy McFadden says

    I have always wanted a pressure cooker , my grandma cooked with her stove top one all of the time and she had a pressure cooker canner also. Thank you for the great review.

  63. Julia Potvin says

    I love the safety steam release valve, and that everything can be cooked fast but still be yummy! I do not have time for prepping slow cooking 🙂

  64. Diana Ward says

    This is exactly what I need! I am family famous for getting distracted and forgetting what I am cooking! This pot is a real winner!

  65. I have a traditional pressure cooker, but I’m scared to use it, and I believe the manual for my glass-top stove actually advises against it. An electric pressure cooker that doubles as a pressure cooker would save me time and space on busy days.

  66. I would love to have a pressure cooker. I’d probably try to make prime rib. I’m not much of a cook so I’d check out the recipe book.

  67. judy sizemore says

    this is nice,it is easy to operate, I need this

  68. Alesa Crawford says

    I would love to win this.

  69. Programmable is awesome!

  70. Pam Parson says

    I have really been wanting a pressure cooker, my mother loved hers. I am so impressed that this one is electric, I had no idea they made them.

  71. Carolyn Colley says

    this pressure cooker is very nice, I would love o have it

  72. md kennedy says

    I SO want a pressure cooker! My mom keeps offering me her stove-top version (it must be 40 years old!) but I’d love an electric one that I can use for other purposes – like slow cooking – as well.

  73. Jennifer P - Vicki Furrin on Rafflecopter says

    This sounds like a great addition to any kitchen. I love that it pressure cooks, steams and works as a slow cooker. I cook a lot of whole chickens for dog food. Right now I do it on the stove and to be honest, not only does it take forever, it’s a pain. This sounds as if it would be quicker, easier and tidier. It also sounds as if it would make making dog stew a cinch. My baby won’t eat veg so I’m looking for a way to add it to the meat without it being visible… basily I want it pulverized so it’s impossible for her to pick out. It sounds as if this might be able to do the job. Great review. Thanks.

  74. This is the best looking and functioning pressure cooker I’ve seen to date. I remember my Mother using the old models and I know how dangerous they were back then. Excellent product.

  75. Laurey Grinstead Byrd says

    I have always wanted to try to cook with a pressure cooker but was scared to spend that much money on something I had never used before and end up not liking it if I bought it. I would definitely need a recipe book to use it until I got it mastered.

  76. I’ve been wanting a pressure cooker for some time now, but your review makes me want THIS pressure cooker. I’ve added it to my Amazon wish list, but I’m going to enter the giveaway. Thanks both for the review and for the chance to win!

  77. i love using my mother in laws pressure cooker but would love one of my own and electric too

  78. Sacha Schroeder says

    I have never owned a pressure cooker and didn’t realize how many things you could cook in one. This looks awesome!

  79. georgia beckman says

    Thank you for this review! I think the main reason I’ve put off getting a pressure cooker is because I was afraid it would blow up. (due to my fault, not the pressure cooker!) I love all the features of this one. And if I don’t win, this is going on my Christmas list. And if I DO win, I’m wrapping it up for myself for Christmas, lol.

  80. Emily Fultz says

    I also remember my grandmother cooking meatloaf in her pressure cooker! I would love to carry on the tradition!

  81. Cossie J says

    When reading reviews is always great to find good solid information about the product. You completely provided that. I liked the fact that you was truthful about people being concerned about being scolded by the pressure cooker. I have always stressed to my son to stay away from any hot appliances in the kitchen. It’s also great to know that its easy to use. Preparing food as a mother isn’t always simple and anything that can help make that process go faster and yet still maintain your health is always a plus to me!

  82. Andrea D. says

    I love how it can used as both a slow cooker and pressure cooker. I will have to add that to my wish list.

  83. sue Thompson says

    Just what I need! Love that it is a cinch to clean and so easy to use! Right up my alley! Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. Lia Becas Jacobsen says

    I have always used the old fashioned type cooker but I love the fact that this is electric and programmable! The slow cooker feature is a great option too. I had never heard of this pressure cooker before and I’m glad to have learned something. Thanks for the chance to win one! 🙂

  85. Electric power seems easier with no temperature changes.

  86. Deborah D says

    I love that this pressure cooker has a steam release on it for safety reasons.

  87. Barbara Hrabik says

    A 3 in 1 ! Can’t be beat..I can do whatever way I would like to and smell the LOVE in cooking! Blessings to All! 🙂 🙂

  88. Diana Smtih Hill says

    I agree, who has time anymore to cook! I don’t like feeding fast food to my family or frozen, I want to cook from fresh ingredients but the time it takes to stand over everything is a problem! I think this is the solution! I put everything in there, turn it on and check back later! Perfect solution for a busy lifestyle! I would love this, big fan of stews and soups and those canned ones are full of not so good ingredients! Great review!

  89. I’ve always wanted an electric pressure cooker but wasn’t sure if they would produce the same results as a stovetop one. Thanks for the insight…I feel better about the end results now.

  90. Celtchick1966 says

    I would love to have one of these! I cannot use a stove top cooker in my apartment without setting off the Carbon Detector (which beeps for several hours once it goes off) due to a design flaw in the kitchen set up. An electric cooker would be the answer to my prayers!

  91. This is a Beautiful Pressure cooker. I have never owned one, but my Mom always cooked in hers, on the stove, as I was growing up. She had a nice one, but not as nice as this one. She made alot of Roast in it, and Beef Stew dinners, were so tender and yummy. I remember the top of it would shake and make a funny noise like–shshshshsh-LOL–I got a kick out of it. I would Love to win my very own.

  92. Jennifer Gray says

    I have been looking at a pressure cooker for awhile and this review gives me great information on the product itself. Thank you for the information and the giveaway 🙂

  93. Deb Yancey says

    I love watching Hell’s Kitchen. One of the chef’s challenges was to cook something outstanding in a pressure cooker. Ever since I have been wanting one. I love cooking a roast and sometimes the meat is just not tender enough. Your review of this Nesco one was helpful on how exactly it works and would love to cook with one to experience the difference.

  94. Jim Weaver says

    I grew up with pressure cookers and know how great they are but my wife has never used ome and is afraid to try one. I think ome of these may just change her tone. I’m sure omce she used ome she would never go back to the slow cooker.

  95. ellen beck says

    I have always always been paranoid of the old fashioned pressure cookers and have wanted an electric one. This sounds like it would cook tings so easily and it much less time.

  96. Kitty Iecvan says

    This looks like such a modern and convenient product! I’d love to make soups with it!

  97. Leslie Harris says

    I have always wanted one of these and now that I am married I could really use one for new dinner ideas

  98. I love easy cooking

  99. Maureen G says

    A pressure cooker is on my wish list. How terrific that this Nesco operates on electricity and can also be used as a slow cooker. What a gem!

  100. Leslie T says

    That digital timer is the coolest thing ever. What a great modern addition to an old school gadget. Would love to win this

    • I would use this more modern up to date pressure cooker to tenderize tough cuts of meat and save money on my grocery bill. This would be great for my family.

  101. I would love to have this product for my canning every fall. We have a large garden and this would be so helpful and save a lot of time. I love all the features.

  102. Donna Mullins says

    You are so kind to do what you do to make our lives fun. I have become a givaway addict and even when i do not win i am so excited for those who do.

    And having quick access to recipes is always helpful to all of us. Thank you!!!

  103. I would make some baby back ribs in the Nesco Pressure Cooker.

  104. Holly Thomas says

    I really like the digital timer.

  105. Adrienne Sydnor says

    Growing up, pressure cookers were for canning food inside. I grew up in the country. I like this one. I would be able to do my bbq or my homemade applesauce without standing over the stove in a hot kitchen all day

  106. I would make fried chicken

    • Jennifer says

      OH YES!!! This is how my family always made fried chicken when I was growing up! So moist and delicious

  107. I have wanted a pressure cooker for so long – I think they are the coolest things! This one really looks like a great one!

  108. This would be awesome to make Grandma’s baked beans.

  109. Jennifer says

    I would love to win this!!! I need one for canning but also great for cooking

  110. Nichelle says

    Im excited that it acts as two things I would be able to take some things off of my counters~

  111. Brigid OHara Koshko says

    I have wanted a pressure cooker and your review has really made me want one even more. I have three jobs, my husband has two and we have two very active kids so cooking is sometimes very challenging (and we do not eat fast food.) A pressure cooker would make my life so much easier. I can give them a healthy meal quickly after a game or school activity.

  112. Blessed Assurance says

    I never thought I would like the idea of an electronic pressure cooker. The idea of cooking something for 9 hours and not having to worry, at the same time being able to cook some things in just 30 minutes is good also. I find that I am able to cook beef ribs with my stovetop pressure cooker in 30 minutes.

  113. I do not have a pressure cooker, but have wanted one for a LONG time! I have wanted to cook beans fast and this would be a tremendous way to do so.

  114. Elizabeth Hanson says

    This is really large, 6 quarts and it has a non stick interior. I love it.

  115. this would be awesome to win and since bbq ribs are my all time favorite, that is what I would make using my moms recipie

  116. I had one when I was married in the mid-60`s and loved it till one day something went wrong and I had rhubarb all over the ceiling. Got rid of the pressure cooker and never replaced it. Now they have obviously improved and I would love to try again!!! Cannot enter the contest because every time I click on the link, it brings me back to the same page. can anyone help me sort this out, I really want to enter! Thanks so much for the chance . . .

  117. i would use the pressure cooker in slow cooker mode because as you said and i agree it is so much easier to just put your meal in and walla no fuss cooking

  118. Jessica Hassan says

    I would love to cook chili in it!

  119. patty Smith says

    My mom always did her potatoes in it for Sunday mashed potatoes! It was quick and yummy! I would like to try all kinds of slower cook veggies, like beets, and whole meals like beef stew or chili.

  120. sandra garcia says

    yo ago arroz con pollo,carne guisada,esta olla esta perfecta para mi,I hope i win,me gusta que dijital timer ,gracias por el concurso

  121. Brenda Peterson says

    This is really a great pressure cooker that has a digital time and a non-stick removable chamber. You really couldn’t ask for much more. 🙂

  122. Betsy K. says

    This pressure cooker sounds like my new best friend. I love to cook, but often times no one makes up their minds what they want for dinner. This would keep us from eating dinner at 10:00 pm.

  123. Would love to own one of these. I’ve never used one but it sounds so awesome and it slow cooks too! Would like to make some fried chicken in it.

  124. Sherry Sharum says

    Ymmm! Swiss steak would be delicious!

  125. Lana Dillon says

    I have never used a pressure cooker but electric and programmable, this is something I think I could handle. With school starting soon and cheer practice, dance, softball and football it is difficult to get dinner ready. I really hope to win this and prepare good dinners with ease and confidence.

  126. Christina A. says

    I would love to try this out. Never owned one! Seems easy enough to use

  127. Phyllis Carls says

    I’m always in the kitchen thus always looking for things to make my life easier and give me more free time!

  128. kristin m. says

    I really like the size. It seems like it would be just right for most meals.

  129. Amanda Benton says

    I would be so excited to win one of these. I’ve never had one and I know it would be such a great tool.

  130. love the review deff agree with you. i think theses are the best there easy u can prepare leave and come back to it done so u dont have to be in the kitchen making it all day u can go run errands or work truley love to have one

  131. DEMETRIA C says

    This is Awesome! I love to make dinner for my family. Making dinner that don’t take long is great.

  132. i would love to have this to cook with it seems awesome!

  133. Janice Cash says

    My old pressure cooker is so need of replacement, I love the digital timer on this model. Would so love to win, Ty for the giveaway & the chance to win.

  134. Kayla B. says

    I’ve never had a pressure cooker but I would love to! I’m also a fan of quick home made meals. If I had one I would use it often and give my crock pot some needed shelf time lol.

  135. I’ve used pressure cookers ever since I had my own garden (at age 20) I adore canning and preparing my own meals. There is nothing better than home cooked food!! I would LOVE having a pressure cooker that is electric. I have NEVER heard of one until now. What a great piece to add to my kitchen!!

  136. Lily Sheng says

    I have a slow cooker and a rice cooker, now if I just own a pressure cooker I’ll be on my way to becoming the best cook in my family! Thanks for the giveaway.

  137. Kristena says

    Love the digital timer and would love to use this for canning!

  138. Mitzi Grey says

    I love the timer feature!

  139. My mom always used a pressure cooker when I was growing up. I’m glad to see them making a comeback.

  140. Cindy Bowling says

    This sounds like a great pressure cooker. The timer makes it perfect.

  141. Pressure cookers sure have come a long way. With the awful heat here in the south, this is a great way to be able to cook a complete meal without turning on the oven of standing over the stove.

    The timer is a big asset.

  142. I always remember my grandma cooking Pinto Beans and Fresh Green Beans in a pressure cooker

  143. I’ve never used a pressure cooker, but would be interesting in trying canning.

  144. Amelia Jarvis says

    Canning from our garden and providing wholesome foods for my family.

  145. Nelda Gay says

    Thank you for this great review and information! I would love to have this to cook everything in it!

  146. My parents always used a pressure cooker, but I have to admit they scare me. This one looks safe. 🙂 I’d love to try it for some soups and ribs.

  147. I really like the fact that it has a digital timer. That would be handy for longer days. I also like the locked lid part of it. That helps with the safety (no burning steam).

  148. margaret mansell says

    I’ve never used one but I would love to! It sounds like it is very easy to use and so much more convenient than cooking things regularly. Would love to own one.

  149. I love the timer! My husband loves to use a pressure cooker for roasts and this would be perfect-set the timer and go! No worrying about temperature control on our electric stove!

  150. I have never owned one, but always wanted. Thanks for your insightful review!

  151. Kelly Ann T. says

    I have never owned one, but I would love to make beef briskets and roasts in it.

  152. I have never owned a pressure cooker but they sound amazing. The fact that this one is non-stick makes it even better!

  153. I had a pressure cooker years ago – probably one of the best ways to help cook healthy (at least I think so…. :D)

  154. If I had one, I would love to cook some of the less tender cuts of meat…. I’m sure a pressure cooker would make them fork tender! This cooker is great because you don’t have to worry about getting scalded or explosions! 🙂

  155. DawnAaCos says

    My mom used to use her pressure cooker all the time, I loved it! I am impressed with the safety feature that releases the steam before it allows the lid to release. This is something I could feel good about teaching my kids to cook with.

  156. Would love to have this in my kitchen

  157. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I love that it can do so many things. I would like to start canning fresh veggies and fruits.

  158. I love to cook vegetables in pressure cooker. Corn on the cob is so good when cooked in the pressure cooker.

  159. Brianna B says

    This would be awesome to have! I have tons of recipes I want to make with this.

  160. would love to own this! it has been many yrs since I have had the opp to use a pressure cooker. and as a slow cooker, it would be awesome to have a programmable one! Great review!

  161. Christina Graham says

    I have heard so many good things about pressure cookers… I love that it can be used as a steamer.

  162. Helene Tienda says

    I love pressure cookers, they cook your food so quickly, and it’s always nice and moist. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a nice one!!

  163. I have never used a pressure cooker, but they have always intrigued me. I love the fact this one is electric and has the safety release.

  164. tiffany helke says

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    My mother-in-law introduced me to pressure cookers. I’m just now getting more comfortable with them. The one I”m using is ancient and I need a new one!

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    I have never owned one myself, but other family members have and I’ve used them at their house. Love them. Would love one of my own. Yes, it is a cinch to clean up with and you’re probably right that all busy moms should have one. Thanks for he review.

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    Have a good day 🙂

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