Difrax Pacifier Review

difrax pacifier

As much as possible I don’t want my kid sucking on his thumbs or fingers because there’s so much bacteria everywhere. And also  this can cause serious damage to his teeth. I know that pacifiers can cause similar problems but I think this will be easier to wean him than him sucking his thumb.

We recently got a chance to review Difrax pacifiers. This is one of Europe’s most trusted brands. Difrax has a 3 stage pacifier system. It doesn’t matter the age or stage of development of your child.

What does sets Difrax apart is it’s shape. My baby has tried many pacifiers and he is very peculiar about it’s form.  Check out this video of my son testing some pacifiers when he was one year old.

difrax blueEach style has a 3-stage design to accommodate baby’s growth and development:  

  • 0-6 months is the perfect first pacifier for a preemie or newborn, as the size of the nipple and shield has been scaled down to accommodate their smaller features.  This design also has the softest nipple texture.
  • 6-18 months is larger in size yet still suited to the baby’s development.  The nipple is still soft, but a bit firmer than the newborn nipple.  Not only does the pacifier soothe, it also stimulates the development of the palate, tongue, and jaw muscles. 
  • 18 months + is unique in its design.  The nipple is solid, which makes it less satisfying and prepares the child to be weaned from pacifier use.  The solid construction makes it almost indestructible when it comes to biting.

Each pacifier style shares a butterfly shape proven to prevent the nose from being obstructed.  The added holes in the design allow airflow to reduce skin irritation.  The Classic design features a round shaped teat (sucking part) that is more suited to breastfeeding babies, as it has the likeness of a mother’s breast.  This style is completely interchangeable; there is no right or wrong way to use.  Whereas the Orthodontic style’s specific design has a rounded top side of the pacifier to rest against the baby’s palate while the baby’s tongue presses against the flat side.

If you would like to get difrax pacifier for your child, visit www.difraxusa.com. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. Shayna Gier says

    I’m just 8 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and we plan to breastfeed so I don’t know if I will be using pacifiers or not, and I haven’t really done much research yet on the best ones to use if I do, but for the sake of not having my child constantly sucking on a pacifier, I love the 3-stage differences of this one! It makes sense to me that when wanting to wean a child off of sucking, to give him/her something that isn’t so pleasant to suck on. Thanks for the review!

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