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Still in search for a gift for the man of your life?  Why not choose a gadget he’ll surely love to use during family bonding moments.  Capturing special moments and different expressions of your child’s face is one of the priceless gifts that parents treasure. Even our hunk of a husband can’t help but gush over our lil ones’ photos.  Pictures taken during family occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are often the ones that hold a lot of special memories. This season I’m getting my husband – the proud Dad of lil Sean – a handy camera that he can take with him anywhere, the Fujifilm XP170 Compact Digital Camera.

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One thing that made me pick this camera among all the others is its durability. This compact camera is shockproof, waterproof and freeze proof. When one has a curious toddler running around, durability becomes a top consideration in everything you buy. With this camera we don’t have to worry about Sean accidentally dropping it because it can withstand a drop of up to 2 meters. It is also handy for going to the beach, with it being waterproof and all. One can even take images underwater up to 10 meters deep. And this winter season, my husband can easily take family pictures even when we are out in the snow because of its freeze proof feature.

The Fujifilm XP170 Compact Digital Camera has 5 x Optical Zoom Lens, 6.8 x digital zoom, 2.7” LCD display screen, 14.4 megapixel resolution, MPEG-4 and MOV video formats, 300 shot battery life, USB/HDMI interface, self timer, face detection, and continuous shot features. In terms of the picture quality, don’t expect to get SLR like pictures but it does the job of capturing images with average quality that family members also appreciate. On the plus side, the menu is so easy to navigate that Sean’s older cousins can use it without any trouble at all.  I found this cool camera from buydig.com and got it on a discount.


A compact camera like Fujifilm XP170 is also a great Christmas present for those who are into extreme sports or people who love to go outdoors. You can shop at buydig, just like I did, to avoid the Christmas rush. It is one of the best sites for finding cameras and gadgets. They also have nice items for the home and family like kitchen and housewares, toys, luggage and sporting goods. Who knows your quest for a new camera may lead you to more great buys from this site.

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  1. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says

    right now I’m jsut using my phone to take pictures, I would like this camera as you indicated it has an easy to use menu-and easy is what I need-thanks

  2. I would love to win this camera as my husband loves sports and this would be a great surprise christmas gift for him. he would love all the features of this camera as this is the one he was looking out to buy few days ago

  3. Paula Weintraut says

    The Shockproof waterproof and freezeproof sold me I would love this camera!

  4. Keno Moore says

    I would be very happy to get this camera.

  5. Gale McCarron says

    Love the fact that it’s durable especially if you have little ones running around. Also great if you’re active in sports. Really like this one!

  6. Germaine Harrison says

    I would love to win this great and unique camera.

  7. Great camera! Love that it is waterproof and has good zoom. Also, the battery life comes in handy. I can’t tell you how many times my camera has died when I needed it!

  8. I have never seen this site before. Thank you for sharing with us. I am going to bookmark it so I can go back later and perhaps do some Christmas shopping.

  9. This would be nice and small to carry around

  10. Allyson Bossie says

    I had no idea they have such high quality products, and at good prices too!

  11. This would make a great first camera for a teenager.

  12. I need a shockproof camera, I’m always dropping mine and it doesn’t function all that well because of it.

  13. Mariaelena Dominguez says

    Would love this camera so I could take pictures of my kids.

  14. Love to win this Camera not for me, but it will make a great christmas present for my brother

  15. Doorsie Morrison says

    This looks like a great lil camera with good features! I carry a camera around most all day & this would really fit into my lifestyle! Thankyou for the chance!

  16. krystal rivera says

    im definitly intrigued i love all of its functions and capabilitys this would be perfect for me being on the go with three boys

  17. Nicole Becker says

    Would love to get this form my daughter. She needs a new camera!! She can chase my granddaughter all around and snap pics with this camera!!

  18. Holly Messana says

    I love this camera. It is great to be able to let your children take some pictures and not have to panic that it could end up broken. I really like that it comes in different colors. The Buydig site has so many items at what looks like some great deals too.

  19. I honestly would like to give this camera a chance! The thing about the shockproof, waterproof and freeze proof comes perfect for my family since we live in the Cold Utah where winter season last about 5 months or so! So the freeze proof is something that I’m interested in. Also the shockproof (hey you never know what to expect while taking a picture). Oh and taking images underwater up to 10 meters deep?!!!!!! Ufff.. that’s a dream come true there. Thanks for the review. Its very helpful! Im gonna spread the word!

  20. carolina ramos says

    i love this camara

  21. Rebecca Parsons says

    Wow this camera is great for all that it is protected from shock, freeze and waterproof. Hard to find a good camera that is safe for outdoor activities.

  22. This would be the perfect camera for my husband, the last 2 cameras he had he broke by dropping them. I had given up but knowing there is one that would withstand a drop, I may give him one more chance. Thanks for the review.

  23. I totally love the underwater feature, we got some of the most fun photos of my grandie on vacation when he learned to swim. The durability is a huge plus for me as well, since I have a bad habit of dropping everything lol.
    Great review! It answered all my questions about this camera.

  24. Jerry Lafferty says

    BuyDig is a pretty cool place to shop it looks like, Ive not purchased there before but certainly adding it to my list of places to check for good deals. Thanks.

  25. candy kratzer wenzel says

    This would be nice for a teenager to have just in case it gets wet, drops, etc.


    I would love to have this camera for my young adult daughter Amanda… she doesn’t have a camera and can’t afford one but when she use to have one years ago before it broke, she was so creative and artistic with her photos, I think they looked professional! I’d love her to have a camera like this so she could enjoy photography again.

  27. That is amazing that you can drop it and it is ok up to two meters. Thank you, Jerri Davis

  28. Danielle Cordeau says

    This is a nifty camera. Great review thanks for sharing. I love that it’s very durable. With a large family having (durable) objects come in handy.

  29. Sharon Siqueiros says

    I’d never heard of Buydig until now. Thanks for the info

  30. Mallory H. says

    Seems like a sweet camera~ Love that it’s easy to use and shock proof!

  31. kelly Hubbard says

    My camera just died thsi would be perfect

  32. This Camera is nice but mostly I have been a BuyDig customer and have been happy with the product and the service.

  33. kimberly bhatti says

    i would love a camera like this.. years ago my youngest dipped my camera in water.

  34. Brian Kautz says

    With all the online store competing against each other its becoming a buyers market

  35. Thanks for your review! The Fujifilm camera sounds perfect for my needs. I’m currently using an ancient Kodak that was purchased second hand. It simply does not work well. I love that the Fujifilm is shock resistant, waterproof and freeze proof! I hope that Santa will bring me a Fujifilm camera this year 🙂

  36. I like how compact the camera is and it does look durable

  37. Alex Bolbat says

    Thanx 4 competition & Merry XMas

  38. Sara Giresi says

    I love the waterproof feature! we have a pool and never get great pool pics since we are scared to put the camera by the pool! Shockproof is another great feature with a 22 year old!!!

  39. I like that it’s small and waterproof. Good things for my camera to be.

  40. This would be a great camera for my husband as well! He needs one that’s everything proof! I did not know that Buydig sold such a variety of products, and I like that they have low and higher priced cameras to choose from. Something everyone can afford. I did search on their site, and was thrilled to learn they also stock Game cameras as I will be purchasing one in the near future! Thanks for the fun and informative post!

  41. Would def come in handy for our family. We had two different cameras in 2013. The first was a Nikon Cool Pics that is currently at the bottom of Lake Michigan after our Easter vacation, courtesy of my daughter. The second one ended up in a glass of milk, also thanks to daughter. I have seen these cameras online and was wondering how they held up. Thanks so much for the review!

  42. Richard Hicks says

    Glad to see this camera is so durable. I have dropped cameras before and they were history!

  43. Michael Lambert says

    I will have to check out this website since there is a few things I need to buy.

  44. This camera looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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