Dinner and a Movie on a Dime

Your date is priceless but you only have a dime to your name. Take note of innovative ways to express interest despite low wages. Consider ways to enjoy a dinner and a movie kind of time on a dime.

Stay Inside

"Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net".

“Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.

Perhaps your date prefers DVDs and pizza to champagne and caviar. ‘Get a feel’ for preferences through pre-date conversation. There is more than one way to skin a cat and get your date eating out of the palm of your hand. Be clever, preparing their favorite snack or entrée, following with a delicious dessert and DVD.

Take a Hike

Don’t shy away due to having little money in pocket; take a hike, literally, spending quality time with your date walking along an ocean, lake, or vista filled with alluring images and tranquil ambiance. Let your date know you are interested in getting to know them (and them knowing less about your wallet).

Cut Coupon Corners

Dinner and a Movie on a Dime

You must take your date to the latest fun park or restaurant but you don’t need to pay full price. Cut corners, searching for coupons on and offline. You can find promo codes and deals, and enjoy savings on thousands of brands from software to restaurants; use the savings search engine to your advantage and never pay full price again.

Strength in Numbers

Call your equally desperate friend and see about getting a group rate to a restaurant, concert, sporting event, or other destination. There’s no harm in asking, especially the day of an event, when vendors may also be desperate to make sales on a time-sensitive offer. There is strength in numbers even if they’re not resting inyour bank account.

Fast Food

It’s the thought that counts, so there’s no need to fret about taking your date to a romantically lit fast-food restaurant of choice. When it comes to stretching the dollars, a number of fast-food chains reign supreme. Don’t forget to get your date a free ice cream with printed coupon!

Change the Time

Rather make it a ‘date date,’ one that is scheduled in the evening and destined to cost more money, reschedule to an earlier time. Be clever as not to draw attention to price as much as the beautiful outdoor deck and the ability to catch the afternoon sunrays during the rescheduled ‘lunch date.’

Skip to Dessert

Rather devote an entire stay toward a ‘meal,’ arrive in time for dessert. Skip dinner and a bigger bill by doing something (free of charge) earlier in the evening and then arriving fashionably late for coffee and dessert.

Get in Shape

Divert attention from wining and dining, and focus on sweating and moving your body. Play tennis; take judo lessons; ride bikes; or, go bungee jumping, opting for outdoor and physical activities rather than money-draining dinners and dance clubs.

You think you’re falling in love but that doesn’t raise the level of dollars in your bank account. Say, ‘I love you,’ with less money, being clever rather than lavish with your affections.


Michelle Abbott has a knack for budgeting. She believes every person has the right and ability to live well, so she often blogs about her tips and tricks to living the good life even on a tight budget.


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