Dino Fun with Jurassic Jimmy

Kids will always be fascinated with dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures.  We all were when we were kids, remember?  Turn these dinos into cute little figures, add a prehistoric truck, and you’ve got hours of fun for your kids.  That means you’ve got yourself a couple of hours of me time, too.

Jurassic Jimmy

The Jurassic Jimmy is a seven-piece set comes with two really cute dinos, Bronty and Tricksy, a huge Dino egg, caveman Stig, a motorized truck, and a trailer with a magnetic hook.  Caveman Stig looks adorable despite his unruly hair and full beard.  He’s a caveman you’d love to hug. I noticed though that his hands need more details.  They appear more like stubs with thumbs than a fist.  The two dinosaurs, Bronty and Tricksy, look like the cousins of Cera and Littlefoot from Land Before Time.  They can take turns riding at the back of the truck or inside the Dino egg.  The Dino egg can also be removed from the trailer if wanted. The truck looks like something that came out from Flintstones with its “rock” wheels.   The trailer which looks more like a round wooden crate attaches to the truck with a magnetic hook.  The magnet ensures that it stays connected while the Stig and the Dinos drive around looking for adventure.

Jurrasic Jimmy 2

What I like about this set is that it is not made of PVC plastic.  WOW, the manufacturer, has really put a premium on safety and quality for the toys they make.  Another good thing to note is that there are no batteries required to operate any of the toys.

The Jurassic Jimmy is designed with kids age 1.5 – 5 years old in mind.  Though there are no small parts that pose choking hazards, I still advise for you to be around when your toddlers are playing with it.  This way you can encourage them to create a prehistoric world of their own and create wonderful stories for Stig and the dinos.

So far, Sean has been greatly enjoying his Jurassic Jimmy.  With his wild imagination, he can play with this set for hours.

You can buy Jurassic Jimmy at Ravensburger.com


  1. Ohhh, I can see how younger kids will love this! (:

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