Discover the Future of Frozen Foods | Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice

With the help of technology, Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice frozen meals are re-imagining the way we see food.
Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice just released a super cute video, illustrating how technology and instant information can make the frozen food aisle a simpler place. I’m working to get the word out about the video and wanted to send it your way since it just went live on YouTube:

Inspired by Google technology, the ad follows two shoppers as they make their way through the grocery store picking their favorite, family-friendly meals from the two brands. Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice use crisp vegetables, tender meats and perfectly al dente pasta to create chef-inspired entrées and desserts that are not only good for you – but will bring the family together.


  1. md kennedy says

    I do like the healthy choice frozen but have never tried Marie callenders. I’ll look for it next time I’m in the frozen food aisle.

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