Discovering the Joys of Reading

One of the things parents today complain about is the difficulty in getting their kids to read.  It’s easy to blame the television, the computer, and the electronic gadgets for the kids’ lack of interest in reading.  But, it really does start from us parents.

If our kids do not see us reading in the first place, how do we expect them to make an effort to pick up a book and read even just a few pages?  We have to remember that during our children’s formative years they take the cues from us.

Surround your toddler with age-appropriate books of different kinds:  story books, read-alongs, activity books, etc..   As he grows old, let his own small library of books grow into those that match his reading ability and interest.  Read for him during his younger years, and read with him when he is old enough to do his own reading.  Even with a lot of reading materials converted into electronic versions nowadays, nothing beats the feel of running your fingers through the pages of a good book, flipping with anticipation from one page to the next.

If you and your spouse have a penchant for reading, then your kids would most likely grow up loving books as well.  If not, perhaps now is the best time to discover the joys of reading with your children.




  1. Too bad even I read it seems my son has no interest at all.

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