Do you believe in Fairies?


Do you believe ? I do believe! And more so because he just paid me a visit! Not only did he visit me but he also sprinkled his pixie dust all over my blogs and gave me an Amazon gift card as a reward for working so hard. Isn’t it amazing?


I have been blogging for 4 and a half years already and have spent  lots of time and effort in building up my blogs (Yes I do have several blogs, I think I have 20 or so 🙂) so it’s really nice when someone like the Fairy Hobmother shows appreciation for my work.

For those that don’t know who is the Fairy Hobmother, he is a nice fellow who also works at  Appliance Online and spreads cheer throughout the blogosphere by visiting blogs and leaving gifts as an appreciation for all the hard bloggers like me do.

Would you like the Fairy Hobmother to visit you too?

1. Leave a comment – be sure to include your blog url or other info so he can easily find you.

2. Follow the @fairyhobmother on Twitter. Leave a second comment if you do.

And if you are feeling lucky, try your luck on the following giveaways I have for you:



  1. Mommy Jes says

    I am curious! I wanna meet my Fairy Hobmother!!!

    Visit me @


  2. Congrats on your visit!!

  3. I hope the Fairy Hobmother will visit my blog

  4. I followed him via twitter using my @PinayAds account

  5. Who wouldn’t love a visit from a fairy?

  6. I followed @Fairyhobmother on Twitter!

  7. Great job! This is a wonderful surprise for us bloggers, and I hope that he visits me one day too. I might have to work a bit more on my blogs, and keep my fingers and toes crossed too. Hope some of your fairy dust rubs off on me! 🙂

  8. oh my gosh! You are so lucky! I believe in fairies, in fact, my daughter and I always watch Tinkerbell and her movies!

    Dear fairyhobmother, please visit me too!

  9. I followed fairyhobmother using @mommynicquee

  10. I believe! Wishing and praying that the fairyhobmother will shower his pixie dust on me too!

  11. I followed fairyhobmother using @fngoblepias

  12. Jennifer Hall says

    Come see me Fairy Hobmother!! I need some Sprinkling at

  13. “Oh fairy hobmother!”
    It is me again (dunt dunt duuuun)
    I hope you come to pay me a visit at

    Thanks for considering me :00

  14. I am following and tweeting about you fairy hobmother

  15. Kathleen says

    I love fairies!

  16. Kathleen says

    I follow fairyhobmother on twitter as @callista83

  17. YES I believe in Fairies and would LOVE a visit. i’m following Fairy Hobmother on Twitter. Check out my blog If Only Life Could Be That Simple

  18. I want to meet the fairy too. I’ll follow you.

    Momaye’s Diary (

  19. Already followed @fairyhobmother. My twitter name is @shylade81.

  20. Mommy Dharlz says

    sure I believe in fairies too.. yay.. would love to win in your give-aways…

  21. Congrats on your visit! I hope he visits me soon!! I swear at this point he is making my heart flutter more than Johnny Depp!!! ( already following him on twitter )

  22. jennifer solly says

    I have believed in fairies and dragons all my life and i have made my granddaughters room up like that too, would love to be visited. keep up the great work. Have a great weekend and stay dry.

  23. You deserve the visit, congratulations!

    I don’t lose hope and still believe that the Fairy Hobmother will visit and sprinkle me with some charm at

  24. Congratulations! A much deserved visit!

    Hope the Fairy Hobmother will find his way to my blog at

  25. I could use a little fairy magic. 🙂

  26. Lucky lucky you!!! 🙂

    I hope that the Fairy Hobmother will visit me ( real soon! And yes, I Do Believe in Fairies. I do! I do!

    ps. we love watching that version of Peter Pan where they say those words! 🙂

    Happy Weekend!

  27. My Tots Exactly says

    The fairy does love you so much! You’re so lucky to have been visited twice! I hope he stops by my blog soon too and leave some pixie dust (though my little girl might say she needs it to fly!) lol.

  28. My Tots Exactly says

    I’ve been following the fairyhobmother on twitter too as @mytotsexactly 🙂

  29. Mommy Kat says

    My kid loves fairies too. Maybe he can visit us some time at We too would love some fairy dust.

  30. Momee Gee says

    oh my. I want too! hahaha i hope he’ll visit me whenever he sees this comment. I’m really curious about him .. weee..

  31. I would love to have a visit from Fairy Hobmother too!

  32. Anna McMullen says

    I would love and jump for joy to have a visit


  33. Deedra martinez says

    This’s is the second sighting of the fairy, his is very very cool.

  34. genefaith says

    wow! I wonder when can Fairy Hobmother visits me? I followed him around and he seems not notice me because of his “busy-ness”. He made lots of mothers very happy and for that I’m happy too but let me entertain you in my humble abode at

  35. genefaith says

    followed him via twitter already @genejosh

  36. Hello Fairy Hobmother. You’re very welcome in my blogs. And you can stay as long as you want 🙂

    Ria C
    It’s My Party
    Home Is Where The Heart Is
    Red Lips and Pinky Toes
    The Travel Bug

  37. please please visit my blog Fairy Hobmmother!

  38. I do believe in fairies too! Wishing that Fairy Hobmother will visit me too 🙂

  39. I believe in fairies

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