Doors and Windows: Bracing for the Cold Season

The days and nights are getting to be a little nippier every day.  You have to start checking your doors and windows for any repair work they might need.  Especially if your doors and windows have wooden components, it is important to remember that you might experience some expansion as a result of the increased moisture and the lower temperatures.  Wooden doors and windows are also more prone to cracking and chipping.  Now is the best time to repair any damage to your doors and windows, unless you want to go through the winter months without protection from the freezing temperatures.

You can take your cue from this checklist of door and window maintenance tasks:

  1. Check for cracks on your doors and windows.  Cold air can get into the house through these cracks.  Your heating will have to work harder when you have cold air coming in.  You can caulk any cracks that you find.  Alternatively, you can either install insulation or replace your doors and windows with more durable ones made of steel.
  2. See that your windows fit snugly on their frame.  Windows that are loosely hung can also cause heat to escape and cold air to get in.  When the heating system in your home does not work as efficiently, you have to be ready for a huge utility bill at the end of every month until the end of the cold season.
  3. Make sure that sliding doors and windows are on their tracks.  You have to be able to open and close your sliding windows without much effort.  As the tracks could freeze up in extreme cold, you do not want to start out with sliding doors and windows that are tight and jammed.


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  1. Since Christmas is fast approaching, its getting colder everyday. This is the time of the year wherein we need to check and repair our doors and windows, so when the cold season comes in we are settled and relax.

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