Dust Mites Out: Get Those Little Critters Off Your Interiors

These little critters might be lurking in your home no matter how clean you think your interiors are.  Your kids might suddenly have small itchy bumps after a romp on the living room carpet or might suddenly wheeze after napping on the couch.  These could be warning signs that you might have dust mites in your couch, carpet, mattress, or even on a small crevice in your wall.  You have to take extra steps in order to get these critters off your property.

The first thing to do is to air your home and vacuum all your carpets, mattresses, and couch pads.  Since the dust mites hate the light, you can air these out in the sun.  Vacuuming does not usually get rid of the dust mites especially since they are known to cling to the insides of your furniture quite well.  What vacuuming does is to get rid of the dust mite droppings that cause the allergic reactions.  There are also specially formulated dust mite sprays that can be used on your furniture to get rid of the dust mites.  For some heavy duty cleaning, it is recommended to call in your professional cleaners at least once a year to prevent dust mites from settling into your home.

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