Early Noel: Starting Your List Ahead of Time

The months are passing by so quickly and before we know it, the Christmas season would already be here.  In some countries, Christmas carols start playing on the airwaves as soon as the “-ber” months arrive.  Christmas bazaars and mall sale events also start sprouting through the metropolis.  No matter where in the world you are, you can start ticking off your Christmas list months before the Yuletide season.

Having a list of gift recipients is a good way to start with your Christmas shopping.  Categorize your list in a way that makes sense to you.  Try making a list classified based on affinity (i.e. family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc.). Perhaps a list categorized according to gender and age would work for you instead.  Then, you can go through your list and think about possible items that your recipients will be interested in.

Don’t forget to set a budget.  Sticking to your budget will be easier when you have time to scout around for gift ideas.  Hit the sale events and get bargain deals on your Christmas shopping.  Doing your shopping early would also save you from stress during the Christmas rush.


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  1. md kennedy says

    Although you do need to start a list early, my family has done away with lists and all of the adults participate in a Yankee Swap at Christmas. Everyone buys ONE thing that is appropriate for their sex, and no more than $75, and off we go! Make life so much easier for everyone, and for those of us who travel home for the holidays, we don’t have to lug very much. besides, who needs more “stuff” anyway?

  2. Becky Schollian says

    So true!1 you can never start your shopping too early!! Great tips on planning a head. Budgeting is the most important for me. I always tend to over spend each year!!

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