Easter Basket Giveaway


Are you ready for Easter? Don’t worry, we have just the giveaway for you!

One lucky reader will win their choice of Easter Baskets- Egg-Streme Glamour Girl or Sports Basket.

Egg-Streme Glamour Girl Basket- for the little girl in your life:

  • Send the young tween “Glamour Girl” in your life this great Easter gift basket – just right for girls ages 6 to 9 years.
  • It is filled with traditional Easter sweets Easter Yellow Chick Peeps and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.
  • Featuring “The Pink Doodle Book – 66 pages of all of the necessary tools for girls to express their colorful creativity to the fullest. Packed with 64 pink pages, a variety of exciting doodling prompts, a sheet of make-your-own doodle stickers, a large pink fold-out poster, and a metallic silver gel pen.
  • Fabulously designed in this Round Bamboo Easter basket with Polka dot bows, it is perfect for her girly ‘stuff’ that she likes to carry around.

Egg-Streme Sports Basket- for the little boy in your life:

  • Send the “Egg-streme” sports crazed boy this fantastic Easter basket – perfect for boys’ ages 6 to 9 years.
  • It is filled with traditional Easter sweets, Sports Water Bottle, Sport Ball shaped Playing Cards, Nylon Sports Wallet, The Jumbo Book of Extreme Activities and so much more!
  • Carefully designed in a Round Willow Traditional Easter Basket, he’ll think it’s the coolest Easter basket ever.

This Giveaway is hosted by the Pay it Forward Crew. Be sure to visit their blogs and thank them!

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Good luck and Happy Easter!

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  1. Crystal Moyer says

    candy and summer toys

    cbrocious1984 aT gmail dot com

  2. Karen Smith says

    I always put Reeses eggs in my son’s basket!!

  3. erica jones says

    toy cars and coloring books and chocolate of course but not too much,he has beautiful teeth

  4. renee walters says

    I put candy and little dollar store toys.

  5. Maribel Cruz says

    I put candy, toys, a bunny and lots of chocolate.

  6. Candy, small toys, apple and orange, any cute little things I find

  7. Pamela Warren says

    Jelly Bellies and a lot of chocolate, Easter Bunny

  8. Shannon Cross says

    More little toys and gifts than candy. Reese’s eggs and Cadbury crime eggs. One of those goes a long way. 🙂

  9. If I win my step son will love this he loves stuff like this

  10. karina escalante says

    I usually put coloring book candy and eggs and a toy

  11. Deborah Mireles says

    their favorite candy and toys plus a big stuffed bunny

  12. Corene h. says

    I put peeps,jelly beans,chocalate and some kind of small toy.

  13. tracy haar says

    candy and toys

  14. My grandson whom I adopted would LOVE this!

  15. melynnie hashmi says

    a craft for us to do together, bubbles, a few candies, and a stuffed animal.

  16. I normally put jelly beans, chocolate and toys.

  17. candy and candy and money and candy

  18. Always a chocolate bunny & whatever the current favorite candies are.

  19. Chocolates candy and toys

  20. Bonnie Ridenour says

    I always mix it up. I include candy, toys, trinkets and a bigger gift (of course that doesn’t fit into the basket)!

  21. Angela W says

    Plastic eggs filled w/candy, small stuffed bunny, and coloring book

  22. Angela W says

    Forgot to leave my email address: ar_delight@yahoo.com

  23. My Grandson Aidan loves candy ,my son and his wife are very strict on how much candy he gets to have, this basket would be perfect for them because it has so much more then candy and that is what I look for when sending a basket.

  24. Tracey Johnson says

    Mostly Candy

  25. Darla Myers says

    My girls Easter baskets always have jelly beans , a chocolate bunny, and a stuffed toy my oldest daughter loves ducks so she normally gets a stuffed duck, and my younger daughter either gets a bunny or a puppy with bunny ears. and a new spring/Easter coloring book and box of crayons

  26. chocolate bunny, candy, small toys

  27. A litle bit of candy and little hings ike body wash, movie tickets, gas cards, etc

  28. My son is young enough that this would be the first year we’ve done a basket for him! He loves Lego’s and cars, and action figure (Avengers) stuff.

  29. Joyce Harrell says

    I put in candy and books

  30. I usually try to put an equal mix of toys and candy in the baskets,also if theres a small item theyve been needing,this is usually when theyll get it.

  31. My daughter is going to be 2 this Easter. I have never given her an Easter basket. :/

  32. Tracy Wheeler says

    I usually try to fill her basket with little toys and activities, games, coloring books, books and go easy on the candy.

  33. candy ,toys,coloring books

  34. DVDs, books, a little candy, small toys, and something practical like a new cup or socks or undies!!

  35. Vicky Allan says

    Cadbury Mini Eggs are a must along with Peeps 🙂

  36. Cindy S. says

    Toys, candy, colored eggs…

  37. Lisa James says

    Goldfish, a few pieces of candy, movie or outfit. Usually something they need for the upcoming season

  38. Candy and toys!

  39. Kimberly Schotz says

    Candy, toys

  40. Stephanie Flint says

    Mostly toys and healthy snacks he prefers fruit snacks over candy!

  41. Candy and a stuffed animal, one bigger gift!

  42. Elizabeth Grant says

    Love the little girl one!!

  43. Stacey Hamill says

    Candy, toys coloring book and a few outdoor toys

  44. tls simms says

    I put in something healthy like some fruit snacks..thanks simmsmba@gmail.com

  45. Candy.. mainly chocolate and some toys and coloring books.

  46. Danielle Wuest says

    I don’t have any children; but when I make up the baskets for other people, I include peeps, jellybeans, stuffed animals, & bubbles. Anything that they can use to entertain themselves :3

  47. Tina Lousberg says

    i put of course candy– small toy items — but always white chocolate bunny– usually find a theme of a character they like that year

  48. Lots of candy!

  49. Heather Heslip Alexander says

    I always put candy, coloring book and crayons, stuffed toy or barbie, and bubbles, sidewalk chalk. That kind of thing.

  50. always put candy, bubbles ect…

  51. Sandra B says

    I usually put some candy of some sort, a stuffed animal, a toy and a book for their reading level.
    Thank you!

  52. lori Simasl says

    A spring outfit, candy and small toys.

  53. Melanie Rhodes says

    Pink Peeps!!!

  54. Toni Cosgrove says

    When times were good..I used to put in their favorite candy…a few cream filled eggs…pkg peeps..one large chocolate bunny..a book…and a family movie..plus bubbles.

  55. Pippi Swagstocking says

    I always put something about Jesus in there as a reminder of what Easter is really about–a bible story, stickers, CD, etc, and a chocolate cross. Then I add her favorite candies–jelly bellies and cotton candy.

  56. Haylee Marie Rowe says

    I already commented on one of the other bloggers pages, but I will comment again. I always put chalk, jelly beans, and some sort of out doors toy (such as a ball, jump rope, or frizbee) in the baskets.

  57. Kris Kaahea says

    Normally I put candy and fun toys, puzzles, and books as well as a stuffed bunny in my daughters easter baskets.

  58. katie bellamy says

    Bubbles! And Jelly Beans

  59. darlene carbajal says

    candy, toys, coloring books. 🙂

  60. I usually put chocolate and jelly beans

  61. Venetia Wilhelmsen says

    Chocolate, jelly beans, peeps, and something fun to play with.

  62. wendie Lowe says

    toys and chocolate and other candy.

  63. Christina says

    An Easter basket isn’t complete without Reese’s PB cups and Starburst jelly beans!!

  64. DEBRA LASHER says


  65. Lisa Lee says

    A few years ago when I only had a few grandkids I’d give them huge baskets I had made with lots of little goodies. But now with 9 grandkids I can’t afford to do that anymore so I make them cards and they love them!

  66. Ruth Anderson says

    I have two grandsons I make baskets for I put each one their favorite candy ,colors and coloring books ,stuffed toy , goldfish crackers and whatever else I think they would like. Oh and plastic eggs with candy inside.

  67. cindyloo says

    I gave my kids nice baskets with peanut butter eggs, they loved them! but now my husband is only working part time and times are tuff, so I would love to win a basket!

  68. I like to put candy, activity toys and usually clothing of some sort. Thanks!

  69. Violeta Vanessa Gill says

    Some toys and Lots of candy!

  70. kathryn maurin says


  71. Katherine says

    Candy DVD and PJs

  72. Margaret Puffer says

    I put in new spring toys to play outside with Kites, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and flavored applesause.

  73. A fun assortment of candy

  74. Jennifer M says

    Candy, books, small toys…

  75. Kate Moore says

    Normally… to be honest, I don’t do Easter baskets. I’m kind of Anti-easter basket. We buy our kids normal fun easter colored stuff and set it out Easter morning. This though is just too cute to pass up! I’d set this out and do baskets just this one year… lol

  76. Candy and toys, I have 5 baskets this year so I am not sure what they are going to get.

  77. Danielle Papsis says

    crayons, coloring book, some candy.

  78. I try to make it a mix of healthy items. Dark organic chocolate, healthified jelly beans (no artifical dyes, etc.), fun things like crayons & coloring books, books to read, etc.

  79. shanna kimmel says

    Not too sure yet. This will be first the first year we do them. Probably some cookie/cracker snack packs and a few small toys.

  80. Sylvia Zajis says

    I usually put candy, a jumprope, yo yo, a basketball or football, jewelry or some other small items, and sometimes a gift card.


    I put candy and then try to get something they really want or need for in the baskets

  82. LORI HOFFMAN says

    Coloring books, crayons, bubbles, small toys and their favorite snacks and candies. 🙂

  83. Debra Neiman says

    Besides the chocolate or candy – always need a stuffed bunny

  84. Tons of candy and toys.

  85. When I had the money years past I would get them a new bible, flip flops, candy, outside toys like bubbles, squirt guns, sidewalk chalk. This would be a blessing to win. I really need something good to happen.

  86. Malted milk eggs, jelly beans, chocolate bunny, etc.

  87. christy colson says

    i need the blue basket!!

  88. nancy horton says

    I got all the black jelly beans my sister didn’t like

  89. Lori Beaney Tobin says

    Jelly beans, chocolate, coloring books and a couple of small toys

  90. Shameka M says

    Candy, coloring books, crayons, and maybe a small gift.

  91. It depends, I don’t put the same things in the Easter baskets. I try to include a small toy and a snack though.

  92. Mara Zamora says

    Candy,bubbles,shirts,sandels,plush toy, coloring book etc etc

  93. Samantha Mayer says

    lots of candy 🙂

  94. I usually give a toy of some sort/stuffed animal/games/etc…and candy!

  95. Ruby Yoshi says

    candy and small toys

  96. Linda McDermott says

    lots of candy

  97. Elissa Indoe says

    A plus animal always 🙂

  98. i usually give toys,candy eggs.

  99. This is our first Easter!! So far we have 2 books and 2 stuffed animals… need to get to work on this!

  100. Holly Beloff says

    I fill my kiddos Easter baskets with lots of fun goodies. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, punch balloons, crayons, markers, small cars/trucks, dolls, hair bands, clip and barettes. One really nice outfit for Easter Sunday Church service. Oh and lets not forget the candy.

  101. jennifer wexler says


  102. Michelle Harasewicz says

    Peeps and Resse’s eggs, also crayons and coloring books.

  103. Nan Bixby says

    I used to put a small stuffed animal, favorite candies, and a toy or cd or make up as they got older. My baby is 22 and I would love to win this to give to her just to remind her how it was.

  104. Karen English says

    Candy, bubbles, crayons or sidewalk chalk, other small toys for spring.

  105. Eva Biggs says

    hot wheels, chocolate bunny, book. Eggs with goodies inside.

  106. Becky Sandusky says

    I try to do a fun game for indoors or outdoors. They also love bubbles and finger paints.

  107. Tiffany F says

    This is the first easter I am doing a basket for my 16 month old. I am not sure what we plan to put in it yet….

  108. Nancy Dadey says

    Easter baskets always have couple of books, new toothbrush, stuffed toy, peeps, jelly beans, solid chocolate bunny,

  109. want!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  110. Beth Smith says

    usually a new release dvd, peeps, a special chocolate animal or character, coloring books, stuffed animal, plastic eggs filled with goodies and any other small item they may be looking for.

  111. Tracey Johnson says

    lOVE IT!

  112. Brittany M says

    small toys some candy and books

  113. Amber Bowling Miller says

    Whatever they are crazy about that yr. Sports, twilight, ect and lots of candy

  114. Jennifer Roberts says

    Bubbles, candy,

  115. Carol Gutowski says

    These baskets are so very pretty.. my grandaughter would love the pink one.. Good luck everyone and thank you to all the pay it forward bloggers who have made this happen.. you all rock…..

  116. Faith Ortiz says

    Candy, a few toys, eggs, book, activity books, etc.

  117. elissa boone says

    i ususally put candy, some little toys and some toy that he has been asking for

  118. Some candy, toys, a book…

  119. Chocolate Gold Coins

  120. Kelly Braun says

    For my 8 kids? New toothbrush/toothpaste, summer clothes, coloring books, jewelry, sugarless gum, legos, books…& a little candy!

  121. Carolyn Nevels says

    Peeps, jelly beans, a chocolate bunny, foil wrapped chocolate eggs and some small toys.

  122. This year, I got my daughters hair accessories, a book and a little bit of candy. Thank you.

  123. coloring book. crayons, some kind of treat.

  124. Katie Amanda says

    I give my goddaughter candy. Thanks!

  125. candy, movies, video games, toys

  126. Sidewalk chalk, kites, bubbles, flip flops, candy, eggs,

  127. My son would absolutely love the boy basket.

  128. soha molina says


  129. Candy, toys, books, crayons, chalk and bubbles.

  130. Jennifer Fernald says

    I love to have the baskts made from havens so the basket itself is chocolate and we always have the easter egg hunt but we live in Maine so depending on the weather tels if its inside or out

  131. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says

    Peeps, white chocolate bunnies, and usually a book

  132. vickie lego says

    The least amount of candy possible

  133. A Paolillo says

    Great basket…so much fun!

  134. Danielle Lindquist says

    Lots of candy, little toys, magazine, stuffed animal.

  135. Gloria Washington says

    I like to put chocolate bunnies, jelly bean eggs and chocolate, crayons, coloring books and a stuffed bunny

  136. Cathy Jarolin says

    In my childrens Baskets I would put easter Candy & Gum..Coloring books and crayons..And a stuffed Bunny…

  137. Sherry Klinedinst says

    I normally put things that she can use in her basket and very little candy. Pens, Pencils, markers, crayons, paper, stickers, new undies, cute socks, hairbows and a stuffed animal or two.

  138. Emilee Dahman says

    Peeps! It’s tradition. I’m sure my son dosen’t like them tho

  139. Angie baldridge says

    Cadbury creme eggs, and peeps

  140. still totally want this for my 8 yr old little girl. would be way to cool to win it.

  141. Christina says

    I usually put together a bunch of things they really love along with some candy .

  142. Chelsea Bates says

    In the past, an outfit/shirt, a toy, bubbles, 1 -2 sweet treats, and a few other misc items.

  143. Sandra Dupal says

    A shirt or outfit, toy or two, a little chocolate or candy of some kind.

  144. Katherine H says

    mostly small toys and a little candy!

  145. Beverly Metcalf says

    Always a chocolate bunny and easter candy and usually a easter book and a small easter toy. Thanks for this contest!

  146. We put in items that childern are excited about new CDs, DVDs. a favorite animal stuffed to a cute fluffy friend. And always Choc Easter Bunny

  147. shantelle stately says

    My daughter loves play cosmetics and chocolate.

  148. Shanna Schulte says

    chocolate bunny, book, stuffed animal, maybe a dvd, crayons and coloring book

  149. natalie andrews says

    We try to limit the candy but always jellybeans and peeps.

  150. bill digiglio says

    Candy and crackers

  151. Briana Kennedy says

    tons of candy

  152. Kathleen Downes says

    I put chocolate foil eggs, chocolate bunny, jelly beans and an assortment of toys.

  153. Angela Womack says

    Since this will be our first Easter with our little man, he will be getting toys, clothes, and new binkies…. we may sneak some candy in there for Daddy though. 🙂

  154. Ashley Applebee says

    Candy, small toys and crayons and things like that
    Ashley A

  155. Rachel Clayton says

    toys, chocolate, books, jelly beans

  156. A chocolate bunny, a colouring book, crayons, chocolate eggs, a stuffie, pudding, and a juice

  157. Dawn Daugherty says

    I try to get 1 chocolate item and the rest accesories/gifts to fit their likes and ages. Tried to trim down on candy since their older. They still like the tradition of finding their baskets and egg hunt.

  158. Crystal Hine says

    anything we find thats cute

  159. Patty Lambert says

    I Put Van Otis Chocolates, Easter Bunny, And Toys in my kids baskets!!

  160. I put in candy, coloring books, colors, chalk and other small toys.

  161. Millie McClave says

    Candy, Coloring Books, Colors, Bubbles, Easter Eggs.

  162. Candy candy candy!

  163. cheree ritter says

    Every year its always different. The only thing that is the same is candy. Otherwise I try to make it fun for them to expect different things every year

  164. I usually put in books and gardening toys, organic candy and other fun items/activities.

  165. Usually small gifts that she will like, candy of course and if they are not too expensive a small Easter toy or stuffed animal I think she might like.

  166. Christina Howell says

    I put some healthy snacks, some fun toys, and a few religious items.

  167. Ashley Richardson says

    I won’t buy pre-made baskets. I LOVE making my kids’ Easter baskets. I fill them with little toys and lots and lots of candy! My three-year-old got her ears pierced not long ago, so she will probably get some new earrings this year!

  168. Tosha Ince says

    I usually do kites, chalk, a DVD, bubbles, water gun…..we use plastic eggs to find which contain money (change). Not a whole lot of candy but a little (no chocolate as he does not like it).

  169. misty farmer says

    Whatever I can find that is cute! Always chocolate!

  170. Jenn Boyd says

    I always put in a bit of candy, of course, but i try to add a few small toys or packs of stickers… anything to keep their interest without jacking them up on sugar!

  171. Wendy Jacobson says

    I love to put a combination of small toys, chocolate and a hand made card from the Easter Bunny!

  172. Heather Reid says

    Candy, toys, earrings 🙂 Thanks

  173. Candy, candy, chocolate and more chocolate.

  174. kathie hopta says

    I get them some toys, clothes, a little money and some candy of course.

  175. tiffanynhood@gmail.com says

    I usually put small toys and such but little to none candy. I will put snacks in it that they love but not candy. To me the toys will last longer and is better for them.

  176. theresa russell says

    candy,coloring books crayons little stuff maybee a little stuffed animal

  177. we always put their favorite toys and some candy. We know they will get a ton of candy at the family gathering so the toys are always more fun for them to find!

  178. Tiffany Williams says

    I always put in a new outfit a stuff animal plenty of candy jewelry hair stuff and any of their favorite treats that they are into at that moment. Plus we always hide eggs and rehunt them all day long. nothing is too good for my girls. they are my pride and joy

  179. Debra Hall says

    small toys and crafts

  180. beth kelsay says

    Doing grandson’s basket now that the kids are gown and try to do a couple little things from $ Tree like bubbles and a couple little cars and he LOVES the little wash cloths that you make grow in water and some fruit snacks. He doesn’t really eat much candy but I try to throw a Choc bunny in there.

  181. olivia bartley says

    this year it’s just going to be candy since money is tight! Last year there was a video game.

  182. Elsa Ewing says

    I always put a kite and bubbles in my children’s Easter basket.

  183. Keno Moore says

    Candy and small toys

  184. janeth araiza says

    i like the blue

  185. I put in candy, movie gift card or ice cream gift card and Cadbury Eggs

  186. Candy, toys,,play jewerly and the plastic eggs.

  187. Mandy S, says

    I usually put candy and since I sell Scentsy I try to put a Scentsy buddy in it too!

  188. christine porter says


  189. Tracy Ames-Dennison says

    Bubbles are a favorite here, as well as chalk.

  190. patricia caradonna says

    I put jelly beans, peeps, gummies, crackers, peanut butter cups, malted milk balls, and a chocolate bunny.

  191. Dia Cook says

    Candy and toys

  192. dineca havrilla says

    movies, candy and small toys.

  193. Laurie Morton says

    Always a chocolate bunny and some fruit, and then some small books and toys.

  194. Katie Wolf says

    Normally a toy, something educational, and lots and lots of candy!!!

  195. christine porter says

    chocolate , tweets, and jelly beans

  196. Cindy B. says

    some candy , books, games, and movies 🙂

  197. Candy, coloring books, crayons or markers, Barbie dolls, sand toys, etc

  198. Marie Butler says

    Candy, movies, sunglasses, sidewalk chalk, makeup (teen), toys, books, itunes gift cards, money inside of eggs. Mostly chocolate! They love it!!

  199. Chocolate and lots of peeps

  200. Benjamin Kendall says

    candy, chocolate and love

  201. R Shadae Henderson says

    his first year I put chocolate bunny, a stuffed bunny and peeps

  202. Joy Melnyk says

    candy, eggs, chalk, bubbles

  203. Jamie Rushly says

    Stuffed Bunnies

  204. A book, a stuffed bunny, and some candy.

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