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People who are getting into a greener and healthier lifestyle know the importance of maximizing the use of resources in the household. Energy saving appliances, recycled and upcycled decors or furnishings, and vegetable gardens are some tools that are used by those who opt to have an eco-friendly and economized lifestyle. One kitchen tool that allows me to save on time, effort and energy in preparing meals for my family is the Aroma 20-Cup Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker.

aroma rice cooker

Rice is a staple in Asian Cuisines but the trendy fusion cuisines and health benefits of brown rice brought these grains in Western dining tables as well. Rice cookers are practical investments for homemakers who regularly serve rice meals in their kitchen but not so for those who cook rice once in a while only. However, the Aroma Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker is no ordinary rice cooker. It allows homemakers to cook rice and steam meat or veggies in the same pot and at the same time. This two-in-one deal makes meal preparation more efficient as it cuts down on cooking and cleaning time by combining two dishes in one pot. It also saves on energy because one doesn’t have to use a cook top for the meat or veggie dish that will go with the rice, not to mention the amount of soap and water that you’ll save by washing one pot instead of two every time you prepare your meals. The 20-cup capacity of the pot is also great for hosting dinner for family and friends.


aroma rice cooker review

Even homemakers who don’t usually prepare rice meals for the family will have plenty of use for this Aroma Rice Cooker model. It’s a practical pot that can also be used for cooking soup, stew, gumbo, sous vide, jambalaya, and even creating delicious desserts. With or without rice, the Aroma 20-Cup Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker is an economical kitchen appliance and a great partner for preparing healthy and delicious meals.


  1. My rice cooker is slowly retiring so I will check this out as I have to buy a new one.

  2. I have the same rice cooker too Sis 🙂 I love my Aroma rice cooker as well 🙂 It cooks my rice so delicious and smells good too. I love that it beeps when it is cook 🙂

  3. I have this rice cooker too, exactly the same. I love it, very innovative.

  4. Wow, that is one awesome looking and sounding rice cooker, would definitely change ours to like that in a heart beat if we could. 😛

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