Efficient Mommies On-the-Go


The challenge that most mommies today face is the need to fit a multitude of tasks in every single day.  Stay-at-home moms and work-at-home moms are no different from working moms in the long list of errands that they have to complete.  All of us moms need to be efficient.  And that means planning things well and maximizing every resource available including time.

For optimum efficiency, we have to plan our days properly and ahead of time.  We need our trusty day planner and calendar for this.  Think about the things you need to do and the places where you need to go during the week.  Try to schedule trips within the same area to save on time.  Work through your day by allocating time slots for the tasks you need to complete.  Be sure to include your travel time in your scheduling.  Aim to cover as many tasks in the same area within the time available to you.

Be careful, though, not to overstuff your schedule or you might be setting yourself up for frustration.  Prioritize your tasks according to what’s most important and leave room for some flexibility.  Most importantly, be kind to yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to do every single thing on your checklist.  There really are days when 24 hours are just not enough. Hold your head up high and march on to the next day.


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