Encouraging your kids in helping to do the house cleaning

House cleaning with the whole family is fun and can be a form of bonding among members. However, with kids who have toys, playmates, video and outdoor games in mind, how can we have them help the household chores?

In order to get your kids invited in helping you cleaning the house, allow them to pick the chore of their choice. In this way, they will be more than willing to help.

Teach them how to clean or get things in order will help your child oriented to the household chores. You can easily teach them how to fold their clothes, wipe windows, furnaces, and more.

Other helpful tips to get your kids involve in household cleaning is to have kid friendly tools, have the rewards ready, thanking your kids for helping, and playing their favorite music while cleaning will definitely do the trick.

kids cleaning


  1. It’s a big challenge for me, getting the children to contribute in the household chores. Putting on music and letting them pick something to do are great tips. Thanks.

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