End-of-Summer Reminder: Make Time for Pantry Cleaning

One of the things that is so easy for us busy mommies to forget is our pantry. Unlike our refrigerator, our pantry do not require frequent clean ups since most of the stuff in it are not perishable. In all probability, you have a couple of stocks that have been at the back of your pantry for a considerable amount of time. These are cans of stuff that you bought for making something that you never got around to making – or maybe stuff that you bought for your emergency stash. You might already have stuff that are rotting in your pantry and that need to be discarded.

With your cleaning implements at hand and a trash box by your feet, you can start your end-of-summer pantry clean up. Bring out all the stuff in your pantry, inspecting one item at a time. Check the expiration dates and the best before dates. Anything past the indicated dates should be shucked out in the trash box. Anything with damaged packaging should also be thrown away. Once your pantry is empty, swab all shelves with a rag dampened with your cleaning solution of choice. Wipe the remaining “good” stuff and stack them on your shelves in an organized manner.

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  1. We don’t have a pantry. We have a small corner in the kitchen where we put all our supplies and canned goods.

  2. Our kitchen doesn’t have a pantry, but it’s just as important to clean out all the cabinets at the end of each season! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. We have no pantry problems because we only buy what we will eat (we’re still young–it’s a financial thing). However, I may need to share this article with my mother… she couldn’t even tell you what’s in ours!

  4. Wee stay on top of our pantry cleaning, we clean and organize it just before each large shopping trip, usually every 2 weeks. With a large family it’s easiest to do it often.

  5. My friend getting her kitchen decoration so she wants pantry

  6. @Kecia my kitchen also no pantry

  7. my kitchen no pantry too

  8. No time to clean it haha

  9. @Arena No time clean, how come?

  10. study & work

  11. @Arena wow you doing both

  12. My neighbor spend alot money to make his kitchen bigger and better

  13. yup~therefore no time

  14. @Arena do you cook or eat outside?

  15. both of it i do

  16. Some things can put in donation box if no use in pantry

  17. We don’t have a pantry too. hehe

  18. @Sherry, that’s cool. I wanted to have a bigger kitchen too. I wonder when are we going to have one. I love to cook. 🙂

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