Face the Day with a Smile: Top Gadgets and Apps for Better Mornings

Face the Day with a Smile: Top Gadgets and Apps for Better Mornings


Due to the common pressures of modern-day life, many people, particularly women, find mornings incredibly depressing and difficult. Feeling sluggish and grumpy are common symptoms of not wanting to get up in the morning but, if persistent, this can lead to more severe symptoms such as depression and anxiety.


Getting up early and feeling fresh in the morning can provide an array of lifestyle benefits like an improved diet, better mental health and improved quality of sleep to name just a few. Whilst it’s normal to want to stay in bed for ‘just a while longer’, getting up in the mornings shouldn’t ever become a depressing chore. If you find yourself in a consistently bad mood when it’s time to wake up, below you’ll discover some of today’s top gadgets and apps that might just be the answer!




Upon waking up, the first thing the majority of us will do is put the kettle on ready for a hot cup of tea or coffee. That little caffeine boost is often a huge help to many working people getting up early and is often considered a standard part of a morning routine.


But waiting for the kettle to boil can be time consuming and boring, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. Luckily iKettle provides the perfect solution to this problem as your water will be freshly boiled before you even get out of bed! Simply select a desired time and temperature and iKettle will do all the work for you, providing hot water exactly when you need it.


Alarm Clock for Me


One of the worst parts about waking up in the morning is often the screeching alarm sound we all dread to hear. Instead of setting you up ready for the day, this can sometimes have the exact opposite effect especially if you’ve not had a good night’s sleep.


Alarm Clock for Me offers a customizable alarm feature allowing you to wake up to relaxing music or your favorite song. Whatever your sound preference, Alarm Clock for Me will play it! Also offering white noise clinically proven to induce sleep, this app can also help with the process of actually getting to sleep too. Learn more about how this app can improve your morning mood.




Once you’re up and ready, the last thing you want is to be unable to find your important belongings. From keys to laptops, losing something important can be extremely stressful and damaging to your mood.


Tile is a hugely innovative gadget that simply attaches to the back of your valuables with an accompanying app. If you can’t locate an item with Tile attached, simply activate the app and it will provide step-by-step instructions on exactly where your item is!


Modern-day life can leave us feeling like we have a hundred things to do in the morning, especially with kids involved. Getting up properly and having a good night’s sleep is essential to ensure your mornings are as stress-free as possible, and these apps are a great way to kick-start your morning routine without the grumpy mood.
Hannah Quinn has problems sleeping which adds to her already high anxiety levels and leaves her groggy in the morning. She shares some of her new found tricks for helping her get a better nights sleep.

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