Fall Decorating: Creative Ideas To Warm Your Home Interior

Fall Decorating: Creative Ideas To Warm Your Home Interior


The seasons are beginning to shift again, and fall is on its way.  It’s the time of year to rework the decor in your home, and bring all of the beautiful colors of nature into your interior aesthetic.  


The warm, earthy feeling of fall can shift the mood in your home into the right gear for the season.  Take some time now, and check out a few creative ideas to bringing the hues of fall into the setting of your home.  


Spruce up the fireplace area


Once fall is in full swing, you and your family will spend plenty of time hovering around the fireplace.  Spruce up the area by stocking up raw firewood pieces next to the hearth, and add ornamental leaves with red, yellow, and orange hues.  


If you want to go a step further in setting up a cozy fall-focused space around the fireplace, set up a welcoming reading area.  Set out an oversized bean bag, and place bookshelves strategically around the room.


Bring in the right type of foliage


Bring the outdoors inside, and brighten up your space with some perfect potted plants.  Here are a few examples:


Colorful Aglaonema – This is a great plant for those who don’t have much time to devote to watering.  The colors of this plant are perfect for fall, displaying hues of red, mixed with shades of orange and yellow along the leaves.


Croton – The Croton plant has the same mixture of colors as the Aglaonema, making it a great addition to your fall decor.  This plant does best in a well lit area, and the colors will shine in the sunlight.


Madagascar Dragon Tree – With dark green leaves, trimmed in purplish red hues, the Madagascar Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata) gives a grassy ornamental look to your home.


Furniture featuring fall colors


If you want furniture accent pieces for fall decorating, it’s a good idea to go with a burnt orange hue.  It’s also nice to add dark brown leathers, and throw fur rugs. Browns, darker hues of green, and even black colored accessories are all suitable options for throws.  


Add blankets for warmth


Blankets are excellent for warming your toes when temperatures drop, but they’re also great for giving your home’s interior a warm, fall feeling.  Toss a few appropriately shaded blankets over chairs and couch arms for an added touch of coziness.  


Change up the artwork on the walls


It’s fun to redecorate the artwork on your walls from time to time.  Fall is a great time to add textured, colored pieces to your home’s decor.  Images of nature will bring the changes going on outside your home inside.

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