Family Dinner Topics

There are never enough hours in a day. Many a parent has spoken those words. With our careers and other daily preoccupations taking up most of our time, moments when the entire family is able to get together for dinner become few and far between. So when a rare opportunity for a family dinner comes up, you may find yourself grappling for conversations starters, especially with the kids. Don’t lose your bearings just yet. Help is on the way. Here are some things you can talk about at the dinner table.

Although it seems mundane, you can each talk about your daily activities. Ask your kids what things they did today, or how their Math exam went. Try avoiding questions which elicit only a yes or no answer. Encourage everyone to share something interesting that happened to them during the day.

You can talk about the news. Even the kids will have something to say about current events, especially those on pop culture. Be sure to listen to what each one has to say without passing judgment.

As parents, you will certainly never run out of stories about your childhood, or about how grandma used to always sass the neighborhood paper boy. You kids will find those anecdotes highly entertaining.

Just keep the conversation flowing. Sooner or later, your kids will always look forward to dinners together.

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